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5 Largest Whirlpool Washing Machine Models for 2021

Posted by Meredith Czymmek on Feb 3, 2021 9:00 AM
Meredith Czymmek

Largest Whirlpool Washing Machine Modles of the Year_Whirlpool WTW7500GW Top Load Washer


Whirlpool is a top washing machine brand in the US and is a powerful force in the market along with its subsidiaries Maytag and Amana. As larger washing machines become more widely available and more popular, Whirlpool has kept up with some huge-capacity models! If you're looking for the largest Whirlpool washing machine models, we've compiled our top picks for 2021 in this category, including front loading and top loading models. They range from around 4.5 to 5.3 cubic feet of capacity, and prices range from $799 to $1,399.

Before we begin: compare front load vs top load washers in our article if you're not sure which style suits your needs, the advantages and disadvantages of front load washers, and the benefits of a top loading washer. Or, check out our washing machine buyer's guide for a thorough walkthrough on choosing and buying a new washing machine.



Table of Contents:

  1. The WFW5620HW (Front Load)
  2. The WFW9620HW (Front Load)
  3. The WTW8120HW (Top Load)
  4. The WTW6120HW (Top Load)
  5. The WTW5100HW (Top Load)


Tips for Buying an XL Whirlpool Washer

  • Check the dimensions. Extra large washing machines tend to have larger exterior dimensions. Make sure that the washer will fit into your home by measuring each of the doorways it will need to pass through and any other tight spots.

  • Decide if you like the controls. Many of Whirlpool's washers now feature their "Intuitive Controls," which offer a simplified control panel allowing you to customize cycles. You pick "What to Wash" and "How to Wash" from two sets of buttons. 

  • Consider Load and Go dispensers. If you want an XL washer, you're probably doing a lot of laundry. One way to make the process just a little bit easier is the Load and Go bulk detergent dispenser. It holds enough detergent for at least 20 loads (depending on the dispenser type) and will dispense it automatically for each wash cycle. All Load and Go washers also come with a traditional "single dose" dispenser as well.


Learn more about choosing a new washer in just 6 minutes!






1. Whirlpool WFW5620HW - 4.5 cu. ft. - $899

First up on our list of the largest Whirlpool washing machines is front load model WFW5620HW, priced at around $899 with 4.5 cubic feet of capacity. This model is closet-depth, so it has a shallower depth measurement than other options on the market today. The Steam Clean option helps release stains and odors from fabrics through heat and increased wash action. Whirlpool offers a different set of controls than what you may be familiar with: a "What to Wash" and "How to Wash" set of buttons so you can pair washing actions with fabric types to get the best results.

Another great feature is the Load and Go dispenser, which allows you to fill up the washer with enough detergent for up to 20 loads at a time, or even 40 depending on your detergent concentration! The washer automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent for you depending on the cycle and options selected and other factors. Using too much or too little detergent can have unsatisfactory results on your fabrics, so letting the washing machine take care of it is a great idea from Whirlpool! 


Learn more about Load and Go in our quick video!



The Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket, time remaining readout, and dispensers for bleach and fabric softener are additional convenient features in this front load washer. The Pre Soak option lets you soak clothes in the washer for improved stain removal, and the Quick Wash cycle will clean small, lightly soiled loads in as little as 15 minutes. Overall, it's a fully featured front load washer at a great price!



  • Energy Star rated

  • What to Wash: Regular, Delicates, Bulky Items, Whites, Colors, Towels

  • How to Wash: Normal, Wrinkle Control, Heavy Duty, Sanitize with Oxi, Cold Wash, Quick

  • 3 Options: Pre Soak, Steam Clean, Extra Rinse

  • Load & Go Dispenser

  • Maximum spin speed: 1,160 RPM



  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 31.6"

  • Height: 38.6"


Click here to read over 285 real customer reviews of this product!


Whirlpool WFW5620HW - $899

Largest Whirlpool Washing Machine Whirlpool WFW5620HW Front Load Washing Machine



2. Whirlpool WFW9620HW - 5.0 cu. ft. - $1,399

This is the last front load washer on our review of the largest Whirlpool washing machines: the 5.0 cubic foot Whirlpool WFW9620HW. This is another closet depth model that incorporates Whirlpool's "What to Wash" and "How to Wash" controls. However, these controls are part of a touch screen on the washer door rather than a separate panel!

The Load and Go XL Plus dispenser holds enough detergent for up to 40 loads, and smart technology even allows your washer to notify you on your smartphone when the detergent is running low! This model also has a Steam Clean option, plus other great features like a Presoak option, Sanitize cycle, and Whirlpool's Fan Fresh technology, too. A built-in fan allows you to dry small loads overnight, such as a sports uniform or work outfit, without needing to transfer them to the dryer. The Fan Fresh option can also keep clothes fresh for longer - up to 12 hours! - for those times when you can't immediately move clothes from washer to dryer. 

The stainless steel wash drum, interior drum light, and internal water heater are all great features as well in this model. If your busy household means you can't always closely monitor your laundry, the Fan Fresh option might be a helpful convenience. 



  • Energy Star rated

  • 12-Hour Fan Fresh technology can dry small loads

  • Load & Go XL Dispenser

  • What to Wash: Regular, Colors, Whites, Towels, Delicates, Bulky Items

  • How to Wash: Normal, Quick, Wrinkle Control, Heavy Duty, Cold Wash, Sanitize

  • 4 Wash Options: Pre-Soak, Steam Clean, Extra Rinse, FanFresh®

  • Maximum spin speed: 1,200 RPM



  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 33.25"

  • Height: 38.6"


Click here to read real customer reviews of this product!


Whirlpool WFW9620HW - $1,399

Whirlpool WFW9620HW Front Load Washer



3. Whirlpool WTW8120HW - 5.3 cu. ft. - $1,099

We've looked at a couple of front load washers, and now it's time for the top load washer to shine: the Whirlpool WTW8120HW is one of the largest Whirlpool washing machine models at 5.3 cubic feet! It's replacing the popular WTW8500DW. It's available in chrome shadow at $1,199 or white at $1,099. This high efficiency top load washer is Energy Star rated and has a direct drive motor with spin speeds of up to 850 RPM. 

The low-profile impeller agitator helps boost the capacity without sacrificing cleaning power. The advanced wash actions adapt to the type of load being washed and helps clothes wash against each other for gentler fabric care. This model comes with a pretreat station: a built-in dual temperature faucet and included brush. This model uses Whirlpool's intuitive touch controls with "What to Wash" and "How to Wash" sections to customize cycles to fabric type, soil level, and more. The Load & Go bulk detergent dispenser allows you to fill up the washer with enough detergent for 20 loads and let the washer dispense the right amount automatically.

Options include Deep Water Wash, PreSoak, and more. Last but not least, this model comes with smart connectivity. Start your washer remotely and get a notification when the cycle is complete!

Early customer reviews for this model have skewed negative as of early 2021, so keep that in mind when you check out this model. It could still be worth it if you want the largest option you can find.



  • Energy Star rated

  • Adaptive Wash Technology with Active Bloom wash action

  • What to Wash: Regular, Delicates, Bulky Items, Whites, Colors, Towels

  • How to Wash: Normal, Quick, Cold, Wrinkle Control, Heavy Duty, Sanitize w/ Oxi

  • 6 Options: Fabric Softener, Load & Go, Deep Water Wash, Delay Start, PreSoak, Extra Rinse

  • Pretreat Station Plus - built-in water faucet and pretreat brush included

  • EasyView slow-close glass lid

  • Smart capable - Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Maximum spin speed: 850 RPM



  • Width: 27.25"

  • Depth: 28"

  • Height: 43.5"


Whirlpool WTW8120HW - $1,099  

Whirlpool WTW8120HW Top Load Washer



New Call-to-action



4. Whirlpool WTW6120HW - 4.8 cu. ft. - $899

Available in chrome shadow at $999 or white at $899, the Whirlpool WTW6120HW is a 4.8 cubic foot capacity top load washer. Another high efficiency top load washer, this model also features a low-profile impeller to boost capacity and is Energy Star rated with a direct drive motor. An 750 RPM max spin speed pulls moisture from your clothes, decreasing drying time. 

The smooth touch controls are easy to use thanks to clear labeling and have a premium feel. The washer can "guide" you to the right cycle combinations by recommending cycles based on what you select under the "What to Wash" section of the control panel, or you can even create custom cycles. An LED time remaining display makes it easy to tell how much time is left in the cycle. 

This model has a very similar set of controls and features as the previous model, but it has a smaller capacity and a slower maximum spin speed.



  • Energy Star rated

  • What to Wash: Regular, Whites, Delicates, Colors, Bulky Items, Towels

  • How to Wash: Normal, Quick, Heavy Duty, Wrinkle Control, Sanitize w/ Oxi

  • 6 Wash Options: Presoak, Extra Rinse, Delay Start, Fabric Softener, Deep Water Wash, Load & Go

  • Maximum spin speed: 850 RPM

  • PreTreat Station Plus

  • EasyView slow-close glass lid




  • Width: 27.25"

  • Depth: 28"

  • Height: 42"


Whirlpool WTW6120HW - $899

Whirlpool WTW6120HW Top Load Washer



5. Whirlpool WTW5100HW - 4.8 cu. ft. - $799

Next up on our list of the largest Whirlpool washing machine models is the Whirlpool WTW5100HW, retailing at $799 in heritage white and at $899 in chrome shadow. It's also a high efficiency top load washer that uses an impeller. Just like the previous model, its capacity is at 4.8 cubic feet. Note, though, that it's not Energy Star rated.

This washer features the Pretreat Station - with a built-in faucet and scrub brush so you can soak, scrub, and wash all in one place - and Whirlpool's intuitive touch controls to help you do the right wash for your clothes. You can choose from the "What to Wash" and "How to Wash" options. For cleaning heavily soiled items, you can use the Deep Water Wash option. You can also schedule a cycle in advance for up to 12 hours with its Delay Start option. This model also comes with a single load dispenser drawer for detergent, bleach, and fabric softener.

The drum material is stainless steel, and the lid finish is edge glass with a lid lock. If you're looking for a large capacity top load washer with impeller that gives your clothes a thorough yet gentle clean, check out this model! 



  • Adaptive Wash technology with Active Bloom wash action

  • What to Wash: Regular, Delicates, Bulky Items, Whites, Colors, Towels

  • How to Wash: Normal, Quick, Cold, Wrinkle Control, Heavy Duty, Sanitize w/ Oxi

  • 6 Options: Fabric Softener, Deep Water, Delay Start, PreSoak, Extra Rinse, Drain & Spin

  • Edge glass lid with lid lock & stainless steel drum

  • Pretreat Station

  • Single load dispenser

  • Maximum spin speed: 750 RPM



  • Width: 27.25"

  • Depth: 27.875"

  • Height: 41.8125"


Whirlpool WTW5100HW - $799

Whirlpool WTW5100HW Top Load Washer



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That sums up our top picks for the largest Whirlpool washing machine models! Let's break down the features and options available to help you make a thorough comparison.

  • Front vs Top Load: The first two models on our list are front load washers with 4.5 and 5.0 cubic feet of capacity. The top load models are larger at 4.8 and 5.3 cubic feet. However, note that front load washers are typically better at handling smaller loads that could unbalance top loaders. The front loaders can fit under counters and are stackable, ideal if you want to conserve space with a stackable washer dryer pair, and are also ADA compliant if your household includes someone with a physical disability. 

  • Overall Footprint: The front load washers have a deeper design at 27" wide by 31.5" deep. The top load washers are wider but shallower, at 27.25" wide and 28" deep. 

  • Unique Options & Features: The front load washers include steam clean options and Fan Fresh technology, while the top load washers mostly include Wi-Fi connectivity and all have built-in faucets with brushes for pretreating stains.

  • Price: The cheapest front load washer model is #1 on our list at $899, and the cheapest top load washer model is #5 at $799. 

So, what do you think? Which of these options among the largest Whirlpool washing machine models of 2021 is your favorite? Leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in January of 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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