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5 Largest Samsung Refrigerators of 2024

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Dec 22, 2023 9:00 AM
Jeff Allaire

5 Largest Samsung Refrigerators of 2024 - Samsung RF31CG7400SR - Above the Fold Image

Samsung is mostly known for its electronics, but it's also known for its sleek high-tech appliances. If you're researching a new refrigerator and know you need a lot of storage space, check out our comparison of the largest Samsung refrigerators of 2024 for an XL-capacity, high-tech appliance! These products are also mostly Energy Star rated, making them a great choice for environmentally conscious households that want to save on utility costs!

Our reviews are numbered for your convenience but are listed in no particular order. These are all French door models, except review #4. Let's dig in!


Table of Contents

  1. Samsung RF29A9071SR
  2. Samsung RF32CG5100SR
  3. Samsung RF29BB8600QLAA
  4. Samsung RS28A500ASR - Side by Side
  5. Samsung RF31CG7400SR



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1. Samsung RF29A9071SR - 29 cu ft - $3,399

The Samsung RF29A9071SR is a four door French door refrigerator that has the FlexZone feature on the lower-right door space. That space can be used as refrigerator storage, cool or chill items like wines and raw meats, or even as a freezer to keep your favorite ice cream. You can set the temperature from freezer settings to 39°F. It retails at $3,499 in black stainless steel, and $3,399 in stainless steel.

This model is ADA compliant with easy to reach controls inside of the refrigerator. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control the temperature and monitor your refrigerator remotely using the SmartThings app. Triple Cooling technology incorporates three evaporators and other features to ensure consistent, even cooling throughout the refrigerator.

Other notable features of this model include a built-in pitcher for refilling filtered water and even infusing it with flavor, and an ice maker that gives you two types of ice - cubed ice and ice bites! Check out this model if you're interested in a spacious refrigerator that offers flexibility and has cool features.



  • Energy Star rated

  • AutoFill Water Pitcher and Dual Ice Maker (Cubed Ice and Ice Bites)

  • Wi-Fi enabled 

  • FlexZone temperature-adjustable door

  • Triple Cooling technology



  • Width: 35.875"

  • Depth: 33.875"

  • Height: 71.875"


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Samsung RF29A9071SR - $3,399




2. Samsung RF32CG5100SR - 32 cu ft - $2,099

If you're in search of the largest model from Samsung and among the other larger models mentioned on this list, the Samsung RF32CG5100SR French door refrigerator is the one for you. With a capacity of 32.0 cu. ft., it is also claimed to be America's largest capacity refrigerator. This model is available in fingerprint resistant steel and priced at $2,099. Its spacious interior provides more than enough space for the groceries of a big family. Additionally, its modern design allows it to easily blend in with other appliances in your kitchen.

One of the standout features of this refrigerator is its Dual Auto Ice Maker, which is located in the freezer drawer. It gives you the option to enjoy either cubed ice or Ice Bites™, depending on your preferences. Moreover, it ensures ultimate freshness by evenly cooling items in each corner.

In terms of organization, the fresh food section includes a full-width pantry drawer that is perfect for storing party platters and deli items. It also features two clear drawers to keep fruits and vegetables at their best, as well as adjustable shelves to accommodate tall and oversized items. It is worth noting that this model is a full-depth model, so it may stick out a little compared to actual counter-depth models. However, it is an ADA-compliant unit.



  • Mega capacity (32 cu. ft.)

  • Dual Auto Ice Maker with Ice Bites™ and Cubed Ice

  • SmartThings Energy

  • Power Cool & Power Freeze

  • ADA Compliant

  • High-efficiency LED lighting



  • Width: 35.75"

  • Depth: 34.25"

  • Height: 70"


Samsung RF32CG5100SR - $2,099

Samsung RF32CG5100SR French Door Refrigerator



3. Samsung RF29BB8600QLAA - 29 cu ft - $3,399

Another four-door French door refrigerator from Samsung and one of the largest Samsung refrigerators at 29 cubic feet is the Samsung RF29BB8600QLAA. It is a Bespoke refrigerator and comes in customizable door panel colors at $3,399. Basically, you can choose a color for the top left panel, top right panel, middle panel, and bottom panel. There are a mix of steel finishes and high gloss glass finishes with twelve options total as of this writing. For the steel finishes, options include: stainless, matte black, navy, tuscan, and emerald green steel. For the glass finishes, options include: white, charcoal, matte grey, morning blue, clementine, pink, and sunrise yellow. This unique model is ideal if you want to customize your refrigerator doors with a variety of colors!

Bespoke - Samsung RF29BB8600QLAA


This refrigerator features Samsung's FlexZone drawer that offers separate temperature settings and an adjustable Smart Divider for personalized organization. Twin Cooling Plus handles the temperature and humidity levels to keep the fresh food and freezer areas in the ideal settings. This model is ADA compliant and Energy Star rated as well. It is also Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control and monitor your refrigerator remotely.

Another amazing and unique feature of this model is the Beverage Center pictured below. It provides convenient access to your favorite drinks! You also have two ways to access your filtered water here: one via the internal filtered water and ice dispenser, and another via an AutoFill pitcher that also has an insert for making infused water! The dispenser nozzle is removable so you can actually clean it. Also, the icemaker in the freezer makes cubed ice as well as smaller "ice nuggets."


Beverage Center - Samsung RF29BB8600QLAA-1


If you're looking for a larger capacity refrigerator that is also stylish and modern features-packed, try this model!



  • Bespoke 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

  • With Beverage Center and AutoFill Water Pitcher

  • Energy Star rated

  • Wi-Fi enabled

  • FlexZone drawer

  • Twin Cooling Plus 

  • ADA Compliant



  • Width: 35.75"

  • Depth: 34.25"

  • Height: 70"


Samsung RF29BB8600QLAA - $3,399

Samsung RF29BB8600QLAA French Door Refrigerator


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4. Samsung RS28A500ASR - 28 cu ft - $1,499

The largest Samsung side-by-side refrigerator is the Samsung RS28A500ASR, a 28 cubic feet model retailing at an affordable $1,499. If you want a large refrigerator for under $1,500, this is a great option! The recessed handles give this refrigerator a premium, modern minimalist feel - it looks more expensive than it is!

Inside, you'll find an in-door ice maker in the freezer to free up shelf space and all of the flexible organization options you need. Samsung offers a one-year full parts and labor warranty, five years parts and labor on the sealed system , plus an additional 5 years parts-only on the digital inverter compressor.



  • Sleek recessed handles and water dispenser

  • All-Around Cooling

  • Factory-installed icemaker

  • Wi-Fi enabled

  • ADA Compliant



  • Width: 35.875"

  • Depth: 33.5"

  • Height: 70.06"


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Samsung RS28A500ASR - $1,499

Samsung RS28A500ASR Side by Side Refrigerator



5. Samsung RF31CG7400SR - 30 cu ft - $2,699

Last but not least on our comparison of the largest Samsung refrigerator options is the Samsung RF31CG7400SR. This four-door French door refrigerator is available in fingerprint-resistant stainless steel at $2,699 and in matte black steel at $2,799. With a capacity of 30 cu. ft., it is suitable for big families, just like the #2 model on our list. It also shares some similar features such as All-Around Cooling and SmartThings Energy.

This model highlights its premium external filtered water and ice dispenser, offering cool, filtered water that is particularly refreshing during the hot seasons. This model is unique on our list as the only one with a dispenser, providing added convenience. Another feature is the Metal Cooling feature, which maintains consistent temperatures throughout the refrigerator. These impressive features make this Samsung model a great choice for those seeking a refrigerator with convenience and reliability.

If you're looking for a refrigerator with big enough storage for your needs that has great features, this model might be for you!



  • Four ice types: crushed, curved, cubed and Ice Bites™

  • Premium external filtered water and dispenser

  • Door alarm

  • Metal Cooling

  • Energy Star rated



  • Width: 35.75"

  • Depth: 34.25"

  • Height: 70"


Samsung RF31CG7400SR - $2,699

Samsung RF31CG7400SR French Door Refrigerator


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That sums up the largest Samsung refrigerators on the market. They're all around 28-32 cubic feet in capacity with #2 being the largest and 36" wide. Most are Energy Star rated. If you want the FlexZone feature for flexibility, take a closer look at #1 and #3. Samsung has a lot of cool designs worth checking out! 

Want to explore more of the largest refrigerators on the market? Check out our reviews of the largest top freezer refrigerators and largest side by side refrigerators to discover more options!

What do you think about Samsung's FlexZone drawer, Bespoke, and Four Types of Ice features? Leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in August of 2018 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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