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GE Cafe Dishwasher Drawers Review with Styles, Features, & Prices

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Dec 19, 2022 4:45 PM 


Drawer dishwashers are a unique concept that offer versatility and performance that you can't get with traditional dishwashers. They offer installation and operational options that you probably have not considered. In the past, only Fisher & Paykel offered drawer dishwashers, but now, there are options available from GE Cafe. These unique GE Cafe products were manufactured by Fisher & Paykel for GE Cafe.

In our review, we'll discuss the features, styles, and pricing of GE Cafe’s eye-catching drawer dishwashers (for more info on choosing a new dishwasher, check out our dishwasher buying guide).



Dishwashers GE Cafe

New GE Café Colors - Mattes, Stainless, & Modern Glass

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Jun 24, 2021 10:00 AM 


GE took a bold step in 2018: not only did they begin offering new appliance colors, they also offered consumers the ability to customize appliance hardware. Instead of matching your kitchen to your appliances, you can match your appliances to your kitchen! In this article, we'll explore new GE Café colors and these custom options, as well as the new Modern Glass collection, and how they can impact your kitchen redesign.


Appliance Colors & Styling GE Cafe

All About the GE Cafe Modern Glass Collection - Sleek & Modern!

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Apr 9, 2020 11:00 AM 


GE's Cafe appliances line made a splash in 2018 with the introduction of the Matte Collection with customizable handles and knobs. The Modern Glass Collection, AKA the platinum glass finish, targets an entirely different style. These sleek appliances were designed with the modern kitchen in mind, focusing on clean lines and minimal hardware. 


Appliance Colors & Styling GE Cafe


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