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Make Pet Hair Removal A Breeze With These Innovative Laundry Appliances!

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Nov 23, 2023 3:07 AM
Jeff Allaire


Above the Fold Image - Make Pet Hair Removal A Breeze With These Innovative Laundry Appliances!


As of 2023, around 86.9 million homes in the US own a pet. That’s over 65% of US households! This data seems to establish the rise in pet ownership in the country, but you know what they say – with great furry love comes great responsibility, and that involves pet hair removal.

We understand how our pets’ fur gets everywhere around our house, most especially on our clothes, and removing it can be a daunting task. But did you know that there are some powerful laundry machines available in the market with specialized methods for getting rid of pet hair? Utilizing these tools will definitely change the game in your fight against pet hair.

If you are looking for a new laundry appliance that includes a filter or cycle option suitable for this specific problem, you are in the right place! We have compiled a list for you, so keep on reading, pet owners!




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Maytag Pet Pro Top Load Laundry Pair

The first option on our list is Maytag’s new laundry offering. Maytag is a dependable American-made brand trusted by many customers who have bought and loved their appliances over the decades. They have been a classic and affordable choice of laundry equipment in many family homes. One of the brand’s perks is having a 10-year limited parts warranty which a lot of us could not pass up.

Maytag released a washer and dryer top load laundry pair featuring a built-in filter, specially designed options, and an XL lint trap. Imagine your laundry unit having a “lint roller” machine! 

We got to see this Maytag laundry pair in action during one of the largest appliance shows in Las Vegas – see video below!



The Maytag MVW6500MW top load washer has a 4.7 cu. ft. capacity and retails around $1,199. It has 10 washer cycles and 4 washer options. The Pet Pro Option provides a deep rinse with additional water, so it penetrates deep into fabrics to remove pet hair. It activates the Pet Pro Filter, which is a built-in filter that captures the removed pet hair. This effectively eliminates five times more pet hair from your clothes in comparison to using a traditional agitator washer without such a filter. You can easily remove the trapped pet hair by twisting and lifting the filter after the cycle. The result is a cleaner wash!

Another major feature of this pet-friendly appliance is the Deep Fill Option. With extra water, this option loosens tough stains for thorough cleaning. The washer also has a built-in faucet that lets you soak or rinse clothes right in the washer for up to three hours, which is also a viable option for spot treating stubborn dirt before the wash cycle. It also has the Quick Wash cycle, which washes lightly soiled clothes in 30 minutes.

The Maytag MED6500MW dryer model, also priced at $1,199, matches with the washer above and can dry large loads with capacity of 7.0 cu. ft. Aside from having twelve drying cycles, some of the outstanding features this laundry unit has that pet owners could look for are the Pet Pro Option and the XL Lint Trap. The Pet Pro option in this dryer works like the washer companion – it takes out pet hair from clothing and collects it in the XL lint trap by using an extended dry time without heat. The XL Lint Trap, as it's name suggests, is built to trap and remove loads of pet hair. 

This washer and dryer set, which is made with pet owners in mind, work together seamlessly to address pet parents needs. It also comes in volcano black (MVW6500MBK and MED6500MBK), priced at $1,299 each.

Maytag MVW6500MW & MED6500MW - Make Pet Hair Removal A Breeze With These Innovative Laundry Appliances!



Speed Queen TR7 & DR7 with Pet Plus Cycles

The next washer and dryer pair that we have are from Speed Queen. The American company is known for durability, so you can typically expect to get about 25 years out of their appliances before you are going to need a replacement.

Speed Queen developed Pet Plus™ technology with pet owners in mind as well. Their TR7 and DR7 units are designed with specialized settings to effectively eliminate pet hair from your laundry and have cycles that can also boost sanitation. These premium best sellers also have a 7-year parts and labor warranty.

The Speed Queen TR7003WN top load washer has a 3.2 cu. ft. capacity, and it retails at $1,429 in white. It has 16 preset cycles, four temperature selections, 4 load size selections, and 4 soil level selections. For this washer, the approach to pet hair solution is quite different. With Speed Queen’s Perfect Wash feature, you can tailor wash cycles to your specific needs, and that includes removing embedded pet hair from fabrics. This technology links the agitator and the tub to move water through clothes, to gently but also effectively clean fabrics. The washer is also quiet, operating at just 43 decibels.  

Also priced at $1,429, the Speed Queen DR7004WE dryer, with 7.0 cubic foot capacity, has 10 preset cycles including the Pet Plus™ feature which can be used to remove pet hair from dry clothing items. The dryer has the Pet Items and Pet Hair Remover buttons, which have their own functions. The Pet Items cycle is for drying bulky pet items. By default, it works as a 55-minute high-temperature heat cycle that includes the Anti-Static feature, which helps reduce static build-up, and the Steam Boost feature, which releases wrinkles and softens fabrics. This cycle can also be customized. Additionally, the Pet Hair Remover cycle is a 10-minute cycle that is used to remove fur from dry items. Its Anti-Static feature is enabled by default but can be turned off if desired.


Speed Queen TR7004WE - Make Pet Hair Removal A Breeze With These Innovative Laundry Appliances!


To maximize pet hair removal, Speed Queen actually recommends a dryer-washer-dryer method, where you first pre-treat your clothes by running them through a 10-minute tumble dry cycle without heat. This way, fabrics are softened first, making it easier to remove dirt during the wash cycle. Then, shake the clothes off to remove any remaining pet hair before loading them into the washing machine. Once the wash cycle is complete, you can then put the clothes again in the dryer for a final dry, resulting to a powerful and dirt-free finish. Afterwards, proceed to clean the dryer lint trap.

The TR7 & DR7 models also come in matte black (TR7003BN and DR7004BE), priced at $1,529 each.

Speed Queen DR7003WN TR7004WE - Make Pet Hair Removal A Breeze With These Innovative Laundry Appliances!



Comparison and Summary

Maytag and Speed Queen have been staple brands in households, and they both offer innovative pet hair removal features. Here’s a quick comparison of what they offer:

  • Pet Hair Solution: They approach this differently – The Maytag Pet Pro Option uses a deep rinse with additional water to penetrate deep into fabrics and remove pet hair, plus a built-in Pet Pro Filter to capture the removed pet hair. Aside from the Pet Pro option, the dryer has an XL lint trap. Meanwhile, the Speed Queen Pet Plus™ technology includes the Pet Items cycle and the Pet Hair Remover cycle.

  • Price: As of this writing, Maytag’s pet-friendly offers are priced below $1,300, and Speed Queen’s are a little more expensive at below $1,600. Consider your budget.

  • Capacity and Dimensions: Both dryers have a 7.0 cu.ft. capacity, which suits large laundry loads, but Maytag’s washer is larger at 4.7 cu. ft. versus Speed Queen’s at 3.2 cu. ft. Their dimensions are pretty similar, but Maytag is a little wider at 27.5”. Consider this if you have space constraints. 

  • Color Options: Both brands offer their models in 2 classic color options, black and white. 

The choice ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. It’s totally up to you which one you’d love to use as a companion to battle pet hair!


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In conclusion: Dealing with pet hair on your laundry doesn't have to feel like a constant struggle with these innovations from Maytag and Speed Queen. We are always on the lookout for the best and reliable laundry items for your FURtastic and hassle-free laundry experience! Be sure to check out more reviews and deals from us.

Which of these options is your favorite? We would love to hear your  thoughts – leave us a comment below!


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