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The 5 Largest Counter Depth Refrigerator Models of 2024

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Jan 15, 2024 1:00 PM
Jeff Allaire

Above the Fold Image  - The 5 Largest Counter Depth Refrigerator Models of 2024 - LG LRFLC2706S


A counter-depth refrigerator's case is typically close to 24 inches deep, the same as the average countertop depth, so they fit in close to the countertops rather than sticking out 5-7 inches. The doors usually still stick out a few inches, but overall it's less than standard depth refrigerators. This is a step up from typical refrigerators that can give your kitchen a sleeker, high-end look without springing for a built-in or panel-ready design! We've compiled some of the largest counter depth refrigerator models available today to help large households find the perfect option for their needs. For more information on choosing a new refrigerator, check out our refrigerator buying guide

Our reviews include features, prices, and links to customer reviews to help you discover these new models! We have updated our reviews for 2024 to focus on the largest counter depth models that also have good customer reviews. We've reviewed four French door refrigerators and one side by side refrigerator.

Of course, we always recommend checking out refrigerators in person to see if they feel nice to use and have the features you need!


Table of Contents

  1. LG LMWC23626S
  2. Frigidaire Gallery GRFG2353AF
  3. GE Cafe CXE22DP2PS1
  4. Frigidaire Gallery GRSC2352AF*
  5. LG LRFLC2706S

Models marked with a * are side by side models. All others are French door models.


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1. LG LMWC23626S - 22.7 cu ft - $2,499

First up on our list of the largest counter depth refrigerator models is this 22.7 cubic foot Energy Star rated French door refrigerator from LG. LG is a JD Power Award winner for highest customer satisfaction with French door refrigerators, so it's definitely worth checking out! The LG LMWC23626S comes in fingerprint resistant PrintProof stainless steel starting at $2,499. 

What makes this model stand out is the dual freezer drawers. Most French door models have a single pull-out freezer drawer with two levels, and it can be hard to access everything and keep it organized. This LG model offers dual freezer drawers instead for convenience. There's an icemaker in the upper freezer. An internal filtered water dispenser in the fresh food section gives this refrigerator a sleek exterior style. 

LG's Smart Cooling technology makes the most out of the linear compressor and dual evaporators to tackle excess humidity and temperature changes. There's also Door Cooling+ to make sure that the fresh food section gets cold air from all angles. Temperature sensors and strategically placed vents make sure that all parts of the refrigerator are as cold as they should be. 

A ten-year parts warranty on the linear compressor, a five-year full warranty on the sealed system, and one year parts and labor on the whole thing will give you peace of mind, so you can sit back and enjoy your huge new counter depth refrigerator! This new model for 2020 is also surprisingly affordable among counter depth French doors, too!



  • Case depth: 24.75"

  • Depth including door, w/o handles: 28.625"

  • Energy Star rated - Most Efficient 2020

  • Factory-installed icemaker

  • Internal water dispenser

  • Dual freezer drawers

  • Smart Cooling technology

  • Linear Compressor and Dual Evaporators quickly and efficiently respond to temperature changes



  • Width: 35.75"

  • Depth: 31.25"

  • Height: 69.75"


Click here to read over 180 real customer reviews of this product!

Please note: As of this writing, there are only a few reviews for this model on our website. You can find more elsewhere online.


LG LMWC23626S - $2,499

LG LMWC23626S French Door Refrigerator



2. Frigidaire Gallery GRFG2353AF - 23.3 cu ft - $2,999

Next up on our list of the largest counter depth refrigerator models is another French door model, the Frigidaire Gallery GRFG2353AF, which comes in stainless steel at $2,999. This standard three-door French door refrigerator comes with a lot of flexibility features!

Advanced crisper technology automatically balances the humidity, keeping produce fresher for longer than typical slider-controlled crispers. The fresh food section includes a large door bin storage, where you can store extra food items without wasting shelf space that can be used for other items, and an adjustable temp drawer with three temperature settings where you can keep almost everything - just adjust the temperature for the food accordingly. It also features the SpaceWise organization system that helps you maximize the storage space - you get in-door condiment storage and slide under shelf and accessory railing system. Also, the EvenTemp cooling system provides more even and consistent cooling performance in the fridge and freezer sections. You also get an internal filtered water dispenser!

This refrigerator offers a lot of convenient features, making it stand out. If you are looking for a counter depth model that has large capacity and great storage features, you might want to consider this model from Frigidaire Gallery. 



  • Case depth: 23.6"

  • Depth including door, w/o handles: 28.5"

  • Adjustable Temp Drawer

  • CrispSeal® Crispers with Auto Humidity

  • SpaceWise® Organization System with flip-up shelving and expandable door bin

  • Bright LED Lighting

  • Internal water dispenser

  • Energy Star Certified



  • Width: 36"

  • Depth: 30.8"

  • Height: 70"


Click here to read over 685 real customer reviews of this product!


Frigidaire Gallery GRFG2353AF - $2,999

Frigidaire Gallery GRFG2353AF French Door Refrigerator



3. GE Cafe CXE22DP2PS1 - 22.3 cu ft - $4,599

The GE Cafe line provides a commercial-inspired design and unique colors that complement your kitchen. One of this line's largest counter depth refrigerator offerings is the Energy Star rated GE Cafe CXE22DP2PS1. It's available in stainless steel at $4,599, in platinum glass at $4,899, and in matte black and matte white at $4,799

TwinChill evaporators target the freezer and refrigerator sections individually to keep moisture levels balanced. The Hands-Free Autofill feature helps dispense the right amount of filtered water, preventing spills while you're doing other tasks. Also, the dispenser can dispense cubes, crushed ice, and chilled water. Another notable feature is the Convertible Drawer with Soft Freeze, which allows you to put a variety of food items with the 23 to 42 degrees temperature range and five settings: Soft Freeze, Meat, Beverage, Snacks, and Wine. 


Watch A Quick Video on Cafe's Convertible Drawer Below!


It is also Wi-Fi enabled. This model and its features are worth checking out in person! The manufacturer warranty includes one-year of full coverage and five years parts and labor on the sealed system.



  • Case depth: 24"

  • Depth including door, w/o handles: 28.875"

  • Energy Star rated

  • Convertible Drawer with 5 Settings (Soft Freezer, Meats, Beverages, Snacks, Wine & Control Lock)

  • TwinChill evaporators

  • Hands-Free autofill dispenser

  • LED Lighting

  • Large stainless steel dispenser makes Cubes, Crushed Ice, and Chilled Water



  • Width: 35.625"

  • Depth: 31.25"

  • Height: 69.875"


GE Cafe CXE22DP2PS1 - $4,599

 GE Cafe CXE22DP2PS1 Four Door French Door Refrigerator



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4. Frigidaire Gallery GRSC2352AF - 22.3 cu ft - $1,949

Next on our list of the largest counter depth refrigerator models is this 22.3 cubic foot side by side refrigerator from Frigidaire Gallery, the Frigidaire Gallery GRSC2352AF. This model is available in fingerprint resistant black stainless at $2,049 and fingerprint resistant stainless steel at $1,949. 

Although this isn't the absolute largest counter depth side by side, it has great features to offer. Without opening the refrigerator door, you can get fresh filtered water and ice with the sleek-looking external ice and water dispenser. Multi-level bright LED interior lighting doesn't get as warm as older light fixtures, and you can find your food items quickly. Features include three removable glass shelves, an adjustable gallon door bin, and a slim design ice maker, which can hold 9 pounds of ice. Plus, with the deli drawer, your sandwich meats and cheeses have special storage and are no longer out of place.

If you want a side by side model that fits virtually flush with your countertop and also has large capacity, check out this Frigidaire Gallery model!



  • Case depth: 23.875"

  • Depth including door, w/o handles: 28.5"

  • Exterior Ice and Water Dispenser with PurePour™ Water Filter

  • CrispSeal® Plus Crisper - prevents spoilage

  • EvenTemp™ Cooling System

  • PureAir Ultra® II Air Filter

  • Energy Star Certified

  • Multi-Level Bright LED Lighting



  • Width: 36.125"

  • Depth: 31"

  • Height: 69.875"


Click here to read over 2,870 real customer reviews of this product!


Frigidaire Gallery GRSC2352AF - $1,949

Frigidaire Gallery GRSC2352AF Side by Side Refrigerator



5. LG LRFLC2706S - 27 cu ft - $2,199

Last but not least is the LG LRFLC2706S, which is the largest model in this list. This smart model is available in fingerprint resistant stainless steel at $2,199. Counter depth refrigerators aren’t typically sized the same as standard depth models, but LG recently introduced Counter Depth Max refrigerators – seamless looking counter depth refrigerators with full-sized capacity! With 27 cu ft, this model is named as the industry’s largest counter-depth refrigerator capacity based on a 2022 internal study to quantify available storage space. This capacity will definitely give you enough room for your family’s food!

You get four fixed tempered glass shelves, two crispers, and eight total clear door bins in the fresh food section. It also has an internal water dispenser that will give your family fresh filtered water. For the pull-drawer freezer, it is illuminated by LED light, and you also get 2 tiers of drawers and the ice bin.

Another important point is its smart features – this refrigerator boasts LG’s ThinQ Smart technology, Smart Diagnosis, and Proactive Customer Care. This enables you to get notifications on your smartphone about your usage and other maintenance suggestions!  

LG covers this model with a one year parts and labor warranty, plus five years parts and labor on the sealed system and compressor, and the linear compressor part only for years 6-10. Want other similar options? If you prefer a Counter Depth Max model with an external ice and water dispenser, you can check out the 26 cu. ft. LG LRFXC2606S ($2,499). If you want InstaView features, see LG LRFOC2606S ($3,499).



  • Case depth: 24.75"

  • Depth including door, w/o handles: 29.75"

  • Energy Star rated - 2014 energy standard

  • Counter Depth Max: with built-in style AND full-size capacity (27 cu ft)

  • Cool Guard Interior, Linear Cooling, & Door Cooling+

  • SmartThinQ® Technology

  • Internal water dispenser



  • Width: 35.75"

  • Depth: 31.625"

  • Height: 70.25"


Click here to read over 490 real customer reviews of this product!


LG LRFLC2706S - $2,199

LG LRFLC2706S French Door Refrigerator



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That sums up our review of the 5 largest counter depth refrigerator options available today! What do you think of these models? Are there any new must-have features that you can't wait to see in person? As you might be able to guess, counter depth side by side refrigerators are less expensive than comparable French door models, so that's something to consider if you want that counter depth style for a lower price.

Leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in July of 2018 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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