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GE’s Commercial Laundry Pair Levels Up by Going Coinless!

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Dec 28, 2023 11:50 AM
Jeff Allaire

GE’s Commercial Laundry Pair Levels Up by Going Coinless!


For over 100 years, GE has been combining technology and innovation to provide appliances that offer solutions to real-life problems. Whether it’s commercial, residential or industrial, they are true to their motto of creating good things for life to make people’s everyday living better.

Commercial laundry machines are usually coin-operated. But GE always strives to keep up with the latest innovations. So aside from associating apps with most of their appliances, they have now integrated a built-in QR code laundry POS system into their commercial laundry items. Your customers will never be bothered again looking for coins to do their laundry! And this is just one of the many features of their new commercial laundry pair.

To help owners like you know how GE’s coinless commercial washer (VTW525ASRWB) and dryer (VTD52GASRWB) can bring a boost to your business and to help customers also see how this can be beneficial for them, let’s dive into our review of the commercial laundry pair!


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Game-changer Technology

GE introduced the following features inti their new commercial laundry line:

  • Built-in QR code  - GE’s innovative step, and a first on laundry machines, is the built-in QR code. Now, paying is a breeze by using mobile phones! Together with the Launderday App, customers can now load funds using Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit or debit cards as well as Apple and Google Pay. That’s a hassle-free laundry experience!

  • Launderday™ User App - Sending alerts about machine availability and cycle notifications ultimately saves your user’s time and energy. By notifying the users when the cycle is nearing finish and when it’s done, users won’t be bothered with what they are doing just to check their laundry. Watch how the Launderday app works below. 


  • SmartHQ Management Portal - This next feature is tailored to the business owners themselves. The SmartHQ management portal allows you to monitor and manage your commercial appliances seamlessly. Here are just some things you can do with it, right at your fingertips:

    • Receive important information about machine status.

    • Get equipment updates and alerts, which ultimately helps make diagnosing issues with your appliance easily. 

    • Remotely adjust prices.

    • Manage refund requests instantly.

    • Make contactless transactions - convenient for you AND your customer!

From GE Appliances


This feature will definitely help business owners manage their machines. For further information on SmartHQ Management™, you can read this article.

  • Compatible Apps - This laundry pair can be connected to Amazon Alexa, The Google Assistant, IFTTT (short for "If This Then That"), and Sonos. You can control the machines using voice commands and they can also announce the cycle updates to you. How cool!

  • Microban protected - Having a bacteria-free laundry is possible with the exclusive partnership GE made with Microban - the global leader in antimicrobial and odor-control technologies. Through antibacterial technology, Microban helps block the forming of odor-causing bacteria which is common to any kind of washer or dryer. More information about GE's Microban is available here.

  • Better LED - LED Cycle Status Indicator lights display the current cycle status, so users can easily keep track of their laundry's progress. It also has a LED Cycle Countdown that shows an estimated time remaining until a cycle is finished.

These new features are designed to make laundry easier for both businesses AND customers!


Assurance of Quality

GE offers the best quality yet with commercial laundry that is built to last. The machines are made with commercial grade components like a galvanized steel cabinet and metal transmission, and they also come with a ½ horsepower motor and a robust agitator. The washer has a stainless steel basket while the dryer has an aluminized alloy drum that resists corrosion.

Aside from that, both the new top load commercial washer and dryer that we review below are covered with a 5-year limited parts warranty in addition to the 1-year parts and labor warranty. GE also ensures that they have the most common parts accessible for shipment within one business day for your total peace of mind.

With these laundry appliances that are built to last, business owners, especially those for apartments, multi-family homes, and hospitality, can definitely save maintenance costs. 


Easy to Follow Steps

Using the GE commercial laundry pair with the built-in QR code is straightforward and easy! Below are the 7 easy steps:

  1. Download the Launderday app by scanning the QR code on the machine.
  2. Sign up on the app using your email and put in your payment details. No need for coins!
  3. Scan the QR code again on the washer or dryer to activate.
  4. Select your settings on the machine.
  5. Load your laundry and detergent on the machine, then press START. The cycle will start automatically.
  6. Receive notifications once the cycle ends.
  7. Finally, get your laundry.

And you’re good to go! Streamlined and efficient, right?

Now, for a deeper look at the washer model, let's proceed to our review of the GE VTW525ASRWB top load commercial washer.


Review: GE Coinless Commercial Washer VTW525ASRWB

Aside from its key features, the 4.2 cu. ft. GE VTW525ASRWB washer offers a personalized clean with its 7 wash cycles that includes bedding, towels, whites, colors, delicates, speed wash and deep clean. Customers can take advantage of the Extra Rinse and Adaptive Fill options. Extra Rinse is a practical feature to those with sensitive skin or allergies. It lets them add another rinse cycle to ensure that clothes have no soap residue, while the Adaptive fill takes laundry on the next level. Through the use of load sensing that detects the size of load, it automatically determines and fills the tub the right amount of water needed for each wash. It not only saves the users valuable time but also saves precious water.

This washer is available in white color at $1,299, and its capacity and features are best suited for tenants and guests.



  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 27"

  • Height: 44"


GE VTW525ASRWB - $ 1,299

GE VTW525ASRWB top load commercial washer


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Review: GE Coinless Commercial Dryer VTD52GASRWB

The perfect partner for the coinless commercial washer is this GE coinless commercial dryer, the GE VTD52GASRWB!  Your customers get to choose from 4 dryer cycles: High Heat, Medium Heat, Low Heat, Air Fluff. 

Equipped with Sensor Dry, this gas dryer constantly checks the moisture on clothes and adjusts the drying time which prevents the clothes from over drying. The dual thermistors with a sensor bar work the magic of keeping clothes at their best and last longer.

It also has 3-way exhaust options: rear, left or bottom. The option of up to 120 ft. venting optimizes this dryer’s performance by providing the most airflow possible, an increased drying capability and allowing for flexible installation. 

For $ 1,199, available in white, this dryer also features a removable Up-Front Lint Filter and a Lint Filter with Reminder. But do not be alarmed if the reminder will not go away. It is not sensor based and still appears even when the filter was cleaned.



  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 30.5"

  • Height: 44"


GE VTD52GASRWB - $ 1,199

GE VTD52GASRWB top load commercial dryer coinless


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This GE Coinless Commercial Laundry Pair is a first of its kind in the commercial laundry business! They promise less management and maintenance work for the owners while giving a hassle-free laundry experience to the users. Check comments and reactions of people who have purchased or have actually used them to gain insights from their experiences, too.

Will you give this duo a try and be in with the new trend? Let us know your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you.


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