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Maytag Gas Range Reviews - Two Top Models

Posted by Bob Allaire on Apr 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

When you are looking for a new gas range, Maytag is a brand you should consider. When people think of Maytag, they often think of laundry products. The Maytag name sets a high standard in the appliance industry with its reputation for making quality washers and dryers. No need for a repairman, he can just play checkers all day with his dog by his side. We see Maytag washers and dryers still in use after 30 or more years of continuous service - that's quality!

Now owned by Whirlpool Corporation, Maytag products are still made to stand the test of time and to deliver high quality appliances in all categories with state of the art features. They make Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Built-in cooking appliances, Freezers, Hoods and more. Their Gas and Electric Ranges are great products with lots of innovative features to help save time and make the job of cooking for the family easier and more enjoyable for the cook. 

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Amana Side By Side Refrigerator Reviews

Posted by Bob Allaire on Apr 18, 2018 5:00:00 PM

Amana is well-known in the appliance industry and carries a reputation for making quality products. Now a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation, the Amana name still carries on with the reputation for making great products at affordable prices. Amana is truly a value brand. If you are shopping for a new refrigerator and considering a side by side, Amana is definitely worth a good look. You will be surprised at what you get in features and styling for the price that you will pay.

Although Amana offers a limited line of products with only a few models in each category, they offer exceptional value in each of their products. Let's take a look at the Amana side by side refrigerator lineup and see if one of the models might be right for you.


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Garbage Disposal Reviews (Discover the XO Brand of Garbage Disposals)

Posted by Alex Frank on Apr 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM


A garbage disposal can come in handy for anyone generating fresh food waste. They help prevent foul smells in the trash and make kitchen clean-up a breeze. When purchasing one, there are several options to consider, such as whether to buy a continuous feed or a batch feed, how much horsepower is necessary, and which brand to get. While there are many brands to choose from, we will be looking at just one quality company in these garbage disposal reviews: XO.

Why do we focus on XO over other brands? Each model has a 2,500 RPM high-torque motor that provides both speed and power to avoid jams. The components are high-quality, including a durable stainless steel turntable, cast impellers, and Bio-guard antimicrobial protection to prevent bacteria buildup. Plus, they all come equipped with a factory-installed power cord for your convenience. The minimum warranty is three years, up to a lifetime warranty in the premium 1HP models. As a result, XO garbage disposal models are workhorse machines for your kitchen designed for longevity and cleanliness. 

Let's take a look at the different models available from XO in order to determine which option is best for your home.

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Best Dryer for the Money - Low Cost Gas Models from Amana and Hotpoint

Posted by Bob Allaire on Apr 17, 2018 8:00:00 PM



Every consumer shopping for a new gas dryer is searching for the best dryer for the money. Gas dryers are available in all brands and styles and with new features and sizes, and they have become more expensive than their matching washers. If you are looking for a good basic gas dryer, there are two companies that you can turn to that can fill the need for great products at the right price: Amana and Hotpoint.

Amana, a Whirlpool brand, and Hotpoint, a General Electric brand, both offer gas dryers that are well-featured for their price range and can handle the workload for most families. They make quality products with the basic features that are just what many consumers need, saving sometimes hundreds of dollars in the family budget. Check out these two companies when you go shopping. In this article we'll compare two of their best low cost offerings.

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Clearance Appliances - Floor Samples - Updated April 17th 2018!

Posted by Todd Buehler on Apr 17, 2018 6:00:00 PM


We display a wide range of up to date products on our showroom floor at all times. We have hundreds of pieces to choose from. Despite our best efforts to keep our inventory current, like every retailer, we occasionally end up with products that we need to sell off at a deep discount clearance price. These are a combination of discontinued items, "last year's models", returns, imperfections or other products. Bad for us, but good for you. This could be your lucky day! Take a look at some of these bargain clearance appliances. NOTE - Items displayed could be sold off at any time, so please call before coming in to shop!  These are all one of a kind items, so once they are sold, they are gone. Check out our floor sample clearance appliances below.

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Best Garbage Disposal - Reviews, Features, Prices

Posted by Todd Buehler on Apr 16, 2018 11:00:00 AM

If you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, you may be in the market for a new garbage disposal as part of your kitchen package. We're going to take a look at some of the best garbage disposal options on the market from world-famous manufacturer Insinkerator. We'll examine three models from different price points with different features to help you choose the best garbage disposal for your home.

Not all models are created equally! Let's take a closer look.

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Topics: Garbage Disposals, Insinkerator

The Best Side by Side Refrigerator Models (LG vs Whirlpool)

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Apr 16, 2018 9:00:00 AM



LG and Whirlpool didn't start out making refrigerators, but their side by side refrigerator offerings available today provide some great features that consumers love! In this article, we compare two of the best side by side refrigerator models from these brands, with links to customer reviews and more. If you want to explore even more options, check out our complete list of the best side by side refrigerator models of 2018!

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Best Rated Front Load Washer - GE vs Whirlpool

Posted by Todd Buehler on Apr 14, 2018 4:00:00 PM


If you're looking for a good value in a new front loading washer without breaking the bank, here are a couple of good options for you. GE and Whirlpool offer great products with many different feature packages that will allow you to find the model that will fit your needs and get the job done. They offer some of the best rated front load washer models on the market.  There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new washing machine. Reputation is just one of them.

These two top-selling brands have been around for decades and are among the most trusted names in the US market. Both brands have evolved and now offer washing machines with the latest technologies that consumers are looking for. Be sure to consider these two brands when you go shopping for your new washer. To help you make the choice, we are going to compare two fantastic options, both under $900!

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Commercial Washing Machines For Home Use

Posted by Bob Allaire on Apr 12, 2018 10:30:00 AM


Are you looking for the most dependable, longest-lasting washing machine on the market? If so, then you're probably looking at commercial washing machines for home use. These models are rare in the home appliances market, but they're out there. These washers are made with heavy-duty construction and often do not have the energy efficiency of consumer-grade models. They are priced similarly to many high-efficiency top loaders but don't have as many of the modern "bells and whistles".  You will have to make some trade-offs if you want one of these models, but if durability is your most important criteria, a commercial washing machine made for home use is a great choice.

When it comes to the best makers of commercial washing machines for home use, the brand that most often comes to mind is Speed Queen.  When researching a new washing machine, you'll certainly want to consider the Speed Queen brand! Speed Queen is a specialty laundry manufacturer headquartered in Wisconsin that has been making great laundry products for both the commercial and domestic markets in the US for over 100 years - that's a pretty solid reputation right off the bat!

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Frigidaire Professional Refrigerator Reviews - Features, Ratings, Prices

Posted by Alex Frank on Apr 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM


Choosing the right refrigerator is an important task when updating your kitchen, especially since it is a rather large piece that draws attention when you walk in the room.  It represents your style and can be a reflection of your personality. Some product lines provide sleek handles and a smooth contoured appearance while others have a more rugged commercial look. For consumers who are passionate about cooking or just want to feel like the top chef of their own personal restaurant, professionally-styled appliances are a great pick!

When we think of these kinds of professionally-styled appliances, brands like Viking and Wolf often come to mind. If you want that style but are a bit more price conscious, Frigidaire Professional makes a beautifully designed line of products with a commercial edge. While much can be said about Frigidaire’s ranges, wall ovens, dishwashers, and cooktops, we’re going to look at their Professional line of refrigerators in this article.


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