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Largest Washing Machine on the Market - Meet These Mammoth Models!

Posted by Bob Allaire on Aug 1, 2022 10:30 AM
Bob Allaire
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When searching for a new washing machine, there are many different factors, styles, and options you can take into account (which you can learn more about in our washing machine buying guide), but sometimes, tub size is what you are really focused on. If you are looking for the single largest washing machine on the market, we've got good news for you: LG makes the largest washing machine in both the top and front load category as of this writing.

We won't keep you hanging: the LG WT7400CW is the top load model and the LG WM9500HKA is the front load model (you can compare top load vs front load washers in our article). Samsung is a close second in the front load category with model WV60A9900AV, a washer with a 5.0 cubic feet main tub and a 1.0 cubic foot upper washer for small loads. We'll take a closer look at tub size in general and explore the details of these behemoths from LG. Let's dig in!


Table of Contents

  1. XL Washers Overview
  2. The Largest Top Load Washer
  3. The Largest Front Load Washer



XL Washers Overview - Pricing, Features, & More

The size of the wash tub is very important, and both front load and top load models come in a variety of sizes. The largest tub sizes are generally in the 5.0 to 6.0 cubic feet range, which is 40% larger than most standard tub sizes. Some top loaders don't have agitators, giving you more usable space. This allows you to do larger batches, cutting down on your workload and saving you time. For large families and households, this can be an incredible time saver! Top load washers that are 5.0 cubic feet and up start at around $899-$999 and go up from there. Make sure to check out these models in person and make sure you can reach the bottom of the tub - people who are shorter may have trouble doing this without a stool!

Front load washers also allow you to do larger batches due to their unobstructed interior space, all while using less water than top load models. Be careful not to overload these washers as this can cause problems and shorten the life of the product. Many extra-large front load washers that are 5.0 cubic feet and up price starting at around $1,299 and go up from there.

LG offers the SideKick pedestal washer accessory for front load models that boosts overall capacity and allows you to do small loads as needed. Samsung offers a FlexWash front load model with an "upper washer" built in for small loads. These are options to consider if you'd like to be able to wash small loads separately on occasion.

NOTE: Pay close attention to the dimensions of the washing machines you're considering. Some customers have been unable to get XL models through their laundry room doorway! Larger-capacity models can be closer to 30" wide compared to the standard 27" wide washer platform, and they may be deeper than your old washer as well.



The LG WT7400CW Top Load Washer - 5.5 cu. ft! - $1,049

If you are looking for the single largest washing machine available today in the top load category, be sure to check out the LG WT7400CW. Retailing at $1,049 in white and at $1,149 in graphite steel, this Energy Star rated top load model features an incredible 5.5 cubic feet tub! This washer is truly big while keeping a 27" width, so you can accommodate more laundry in fewer loads. You'll probably like this model if you need a powerful washer that is still gentle on clothes. The TurboWash 3D Technology makes that happen, and it works by using an impeller rotating in the opposite direction of the drum for a powerful wash action.

This washer is loaded with 8 wash programs and 16 options. There are interesting features like a cycle for waterproof items, a StainCare option, a Water Plus option for adding extra water to any cycle, and a ColdWash option that uses cold water plus enhanced washing motions to still provide warm water performance in the wash.

Another notable thing about this washer is its smart features - with LG's SmartThinQ technology, you can control the washer using your smartphone and even get notifications about the cycle. Other features include a SlamProof lid, 6Motion™ Technology, the SmartRinse Jet Spray System, and TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System. With all these features, this model is definitely a great option for large households. 

For more XL top loaders, check out our review of the largest top load washers of the year!



  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 28.375"

  • Height: 44.5"


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LG WT7400CW - $1,049

LG WT7400CW Top Load Washer


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The LG WM9500HKA Front Load Washer - 5.8 cu ft! - $1,999

LG has earned the title of "largest washing machine on the market" in the front load category with the LG WM9500HKA, a front load washer available in black stainless steel starting at $1,999. This Energy Star rated model is part of the LG Signature ultra-premium line. It offers an astounding 5.8 cubic feet of capacity! And if you wanted to combine it with the LG SideKick Pedestal Washer, that adds an additional cubic foot, maxing out at 6.8 cubic feet.

Besides a truly mammoth size, what else does this front load washer have to offer? Quite a lot! This is a smart washer with LG's SmartThinQ technology, allowing you to manage your washing machine remotely through your smartphone. This model also has a direct drive motor with a 10-year limited warranty plus a lifetime warranty on the drum. TurboWash 2.0 technology speeds up wash cycles when selected as an option.

Cycles include Speed Wash, Sanitary, Allergiene, Jumbo Wash, Bedding, and more. Cycle options include PreWash, FreshCare, and Steam technology as well. The detergent dispenser includes sections for prewash, main wash, bleach, and fabric softener. The TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System combined with LG LoDecibel quiet operation means this front load washer works well for second-floor laundry areas and laundry closets near bedrooms and other living areas.

For more mammoth front loaders, check out our reviews of the largest front load washers of the year!



  • Width: 29.6"

  • Depth: 33.1"

  • Height: 41.2"


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LG WM9500HKA - $1,999

Largest Washing Machine LG WM9500HKA Front Load



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We hope you enjoyed this article about the largest washing machine on the market in both top load and front load categories. LG has dominated both the top load and front load categories as of this writing! If you are looking to wash big loads - these models are the way to go. They come at different price points and feature packages, so it's up to you which model is right for your needs. We've also written about the largest top load washers and the largest front load washers of the year if you want to research more great options! 

Is one of these mammoth models the perfect choice for you? Please leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in March of 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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