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The 5 Largest Front Load Washer Models for 2020

Posted by Bob Allaire on Jan 2, 2020 9:00 AM
Bob Allaire
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There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new washing machine. If you've decided you prefer a front load washer and are looking for the largest model you can find, you're in the right place! In this article, we'll review the largest front load washer models of 2020 from a few great brands. Samsung made a strong attempt in this niche with the FlexWash front load washers with 5.5-6.0 cubic feet of total capacity, but reviews have been mixed on their reliability. So although Samsung offers the absolute largest front load washers on the market, at this time we will only recommend one of their highly rated non-FlexWash models, as well as models from LG, Maytag, and Whirlpool. 

Our reviews are numbered for your convenience but are listed in no particular order, and include models from 5.0-5.2 cubic feet. If you're looking for more information on choosing a new washer, check out our washing machine buying guide


Table of Contents

  1. Maytag MHW8630HW
  2. Samsung WF50R8500AV
  3. Whirlpool WFW8620HC
  4. LG WM9000HVA
  5. LG WM8100HVA


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1. Maytag MHW8630HW - 5.0 cu. ft. - $1,249

First up on our list of the largest front load washer models is the Maytag MHW8630HW. It's available in white at $1,249 or slate at $1,349 and has the largest capacity out of the entire Maytag front load laundry lineup. Along with the 5.0 cubic foot stainless steel drum, you'll find an Optimal Dose Dispenser that automatically dispenses detergent from a reservoir, and can hold enough detergent for up to 8 cycles. Wifi connectivity allows you to start or stop your washer from anywhere and receive notifications when a cycle is complete.

An internal fan lets you wash and dry small loads (under 2 lbs) overnight, and the 24-hour Fresh Hold option will run the fan and tumble clothes intermittently to keep them fresh in case you can't get to the washer right away when the cycle is done. The Extra Power button fights stains with a dual-temperature wash, using both hot and cold water. Useful cycles include Quick Wash and Sanitize. 

Maytag offers a ten-year warranty on the wash basket and direct drive motor in addition to the standard one year parts and labor warranty. Check this model out if you want powerful cleaning and lots of helpful features!



  • 14 Cycles: Normal/Regular, Heavy Duty, Whites, Sanitize, Towels, Bulky Items, Custom Cycle, Quick Wash, Delicates, Wrinkle Control, Colors, Overnight Wash & Dry, Drain & Spin, Clean Washer with Affresh

  • 6 Options: Extra Power, Steam, Wifi Connect, Delay Start, Extra Rinse, 24 Hour Fresh Hold

  • Wifi connectivity

  • Optimal Dose Dispenser - bulk detergent reservoir

  • Most Powerful Cleaning in the industry driven by the Heavy Duty cycle with Extra Power button

  • 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty on the Direct Drive Motor and Stainless Steel Wash Basket



  • Height: 38.625"

  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 32.94"


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Maytag MHW8630HW - $1,249

Maytag MHW8630HW Front Load Washer



2. Samsung WF50R8500AV - 5.0 cu. ft. - $1,299

Next up: the Samsung WF50R8500AV, available in black stainless steel at $1,299 or white at $1,199. This smart wifi-enabled washer makes it easy to keep track of your laundry! Samsung's Vibration Reduction Plus Technology (VRT+) is 40% quieter than their original VRT, and the Swirl+ Drum interior is designed to improve water extraction.

Running a tub clean cycle regularly is important to keep your front loader performing at its best, and Samsung makes that easy with the Self Clean+ cycle, which uses jets of hot water to thoroughly clean the wash tub. The Sanitize cycle is another option we like to see on modern washers, and other great features include Presoak, an add steam option, and Super Speed. The Super Speed option can be added to wash cycles to cut time without sacrificing cleaning power.

Samsung offers one year full parts and labor, a three year warranty on the stainless steel tub, plus ten years on the direct drive motor. This model would look great in your laundry area and has a lot to offer!



  • 12 Cycles: Normal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Quick Wash, Permanent Press, Delicates, Whites, Sanitize, Activewear, Rinse & Spin, Self Clean+, Downloaded

  • 8 Options: Presoak, Steam, Delay End, Smart Control, Super Speed, Child Lock, Smart Care, Spin Only

  • Vibration Reduction Plus technology

  • AUI and braille controls for greater accessibility

  • Wash loads in as little as 30 minutes with Super Speed

  • Swirl+ drum design with drum light



  • Height: 38.7"

  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 33.5"


Click here to read over 30 real customer reviews of this product!


Samsung WF50R8500AV - $1,299

Samsung WF50R8500AV Front Load Washer



3. Whirlpool WFW8620HC - 5.0 cu. ft. - $1,299

Whirlpool's largest front load washers land at 5.0 cubic feet (we reviewed the largest Whirlpool washing machines if you want to find more options from this brand), and this washer has a few cool features that set it apart from the crowd. Front load washer controls can have a spaceship control panel level of complexity to them, but Whirlpool's Intuitive Controls simplify things with two rows of buttons: What to Wash and How to Wash. Select what you're washing, then select how you want to wash it, and you're good to go!

Another convenient feature is the Load and Go XL Dispenser (click the link to read our full overview of this feature). It's an automatic bulk detergent dispenser - you can add enough detergent to the reservoir for 40 loads, and then the washer dispenses the right amount of detergent depending on the weight of the load and other factors. There's also a single load dispenser and compartments for bleach and fabric softener.

Cycles and options include a 12-hour Fan Fresh option that uses a built-in fan and intermittent tumbling to keep clothes fresh even if you can't switch them over to the dryer right away. There's also a steam clean option, Quick Wash cycle that can finish in as little as 15 minutes, a Sanitize cycle, and more!


Get a closer look at Load & Go with our video!




  • 6 What to Wash: Regular, Delicates, Bulky Items, Whites, Colors, Towels (also: Clean Washer, Drain & Spin)

  • 6 How to Wash: Normal, Wrinkle Control, Heavy Duty, Sanitize, Cold Wash, Quick

  • 4 Options: Steam Clean, Extra Rinse, Wash & Dry/Fan Fresh, Load and Go

  • Load and Go XL Dispenser

  • Intuitive Controls



  • Height: 38.625"

  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 33.25"


Click here to read over 15 real customer reviews of this product!


Whirlpool WFW8620HC - $1,299

Whirlpool WFW8620HC Front Load Washer



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4. LG WM9000HVA - 5.2 cu. ft. - $1,799

LG offers some great tech features in their home appliances, and the LG WM9000HVA is no exception. This mega-capacity washer has a slightly larger footprint than is typical for front loaders due to its 29 inch width and a unique look thanks to the on-door electronic control panel and LED display.

This wifi connected washer lets you take advantage of LG SmartThinQ and Smart Diagnosis 3.0 technology. With SmartThinQ, you can start your washer remotely, check on cycle progress and energy usage, download custom cycles, and get an alert when a cycle is complete. Use the TurboWash 2.0 cycle option to reduce wash time by up to 30 minutes. TurboWash combines the rinse and spin stages to save time without impacting wash quality. The TubClean cycle sterilizes the tub with water jets and intense heat, no extra cleaners required. Use the Steam option to boost stain-fighting power. Steam is also used in the Allergiene cycle to reduce allergens and get rid of dust mites.

LG has built in a ton of amazing features with this model, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Plus, with LoDecibel Quiet Operation and the TrueBalance Anti-Vibration system, you can install this front load washer near bedrooms, on upper floors, and just about anywhere else. LG covers the direct drive motor for 10 years, the drum for 3 years, and the full machine for 1 year.



  • 14 wash programs: Normal, Permanent Press, Delicates, Speed Wash, TubClean, Sanitary, Allergiene, Heavy Duty, BrightWhites, Towels, Rinse+Spin, Download, Jumbo Wash, Bedding

  • 10 options: Prewash, Delay Wash, Extra Rinse, ColdWash, Steam, FreshCare, TurboWash, Custom Program, Smart Grid, Remote Start

  • LG SmartThinQ app connectivity

  • Direct drive motor with 10-year limited warranty

  • TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System

  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation

  • Compatible with LG SideKick pedestal washer

  • Interior drum light



  • Height: 41.25"

  • Width: 29"

  • Depth: 33.75" 


Click here to read over 40 real customer reviews of this product!


LG WM9000HVA - $1,799

largest front load washer LG WM9000HVA



5. LG WM8100HVA - 5.2 cu. ft. - $1,499

If the LG model above is a little out of your price range, then you may want to consider the LG WM8100HVA. This model is the previous generation of the WM9000. It comes with Smart Diagnosis but lacks the more extensive wifi connectivity available with the WM9000 model. It also has TurboWash 1.0 rather than 2.0 and the controls are above the door rather than on the door.

This washer has been a top seller among the largest front load washers and has tons of custom cycles! The Prewash option can help fight stains and soils, along with the dedicated prewash dispenser. If you want to boost capacity even further, the LG SideKick pedestal washer could be a solid addition to this model, adding 1.0 cubic feet of capacity that's perfect for small loads and specialty cycles. 

LG's 10-year direct drive motor warranty and three year warranty on the drum are nice to have, too!



  • 14 Cycles: Cotton/Normal, Heavy Duty, Bulky/Large, Bright Whites, Sanitary, Allergiene, Tub Clean, Jumbo Wash, Towels, Permanent Press, Hand Wash/Wool, Delicates, Speed Wash, Small Load

  • 8 Options: TurboWash, Steam, Fresh Care, Prewash, Delay Wash, Extra Rinse, ColdWash, Rinse+Spin

  • 10-year limited warranty on the motor

  • Interior drum light

  • TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System

  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation

  • Compatible with LG SideKick pedestal washer



  • Height: 41.25"

  • Width: 29"

  • Depth: 33.75"


Click here to read over 75 real customer reviews of this product!


LG WM8100HVA - $1,499

LG WM8100HVA Front Load Washer



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That sums up our review of the largest front load washer models of 2020. These are all incredibly full-featured models with a lot to offer. They all have sound and vibration reduction systems as well as steam cycle options and time-saving cycles and options. Many models also offer wifi connectivity to make it easier to keep track of laundry no matter how busy your schedule is. 

Which of these options among the largest front load washer models is your favorite? What do you look for in a mega-capacity washing machine? Leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in January of 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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