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Door In Door Refrigerators - Reviews & What You Need to Know

Posted by Bob Allaire on Apr 6, 2022 8:00 AM
Bob Allaire
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A few years ago, LG was the only appliance brand with door-in-door refrigerators. Today, they're offering new versions of this innovative design, including dual door in door and the InstaView door in door. Other brands like Samsung and GE have started to offer their own styles of door in door refrigerators as well.

After exploring the benefits of the door in door design, we'll be taking a look at the InstaView door in door as well as checking out what other brands have done in this area. One thing's for sure: LG has some competition!

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We use retail pricing in our reviews, but holiday promotions and package deals can save you 20-40% on the MSRP.


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What is a Door in Door Refrigerator?

How many times do you find kids or even an adult family member standing in front of the refrigerator with the door wide open rummaging through the entire fresh food compartment looking for one of their favorite items? This can be frustrating for them and extra frustrating for you as you watch the frosty cold air waft out of the fresh food compartment into your kitchen! The door-in-door refrigerator is designed to help you keep your most-used items in easy reach, so you can access them without wasting so much cold air from the refrigerator's interior. (For other great features to look for in a new refrigerator, check out our refrigerator buying guide.)


See the LG Door in Door Model in Action - Watch Our Video! 



Luckily, the name is pretty self-explanatory: a door-in-door refrigerator has the righthand door split into two sections: the inner section that we're all familiar with, and an outer section that you can access without opening up the entire fridge. This outer section is usually relatively narrow, so you usually won't be able to fit gallons of milk into it, but it's perfect for bottled water, beverages, yogurt cups, and other snacks. There is usually a divider between the inner and outer shelves to keep cold air from leaking out of the interior.

Although CNet wasn't impressed by the door in door feature in 2016, Consumer Reports has been testing them since 2012 and found that they offer the same performance as non-door-in-door models. 


Door in Door Refrigerator_GE GFD28GMLES French Door Refrigerator Door in Door


In addition to their original style of door in door refrigerators, LG has come out with the InstaView Door in Door refrigerator. However, they're no longer alone in this section of the market: Samsung and GE have come out with their own versions of the door in door that we'll take a look at below. Whirlpool offered door in door refrigerators when this article was initially written, but as of early 2020, they've backed out of this niche.

The retail pricing can easily be over $4,000 for high end models, but many are priced around $3,299-$3,799. The lowest are about $3,000. Like many appliances, promotional deals and package pricing can knock 20-30% off of the retail price.

Click the links to skip to the review you're interested in:

  1. LG LRSDS2706S (Side by Side)
  2. LG LFCC23596S (French Door)
  3. Samsung RF28R7351SG (French Door)
  4. GE Profile PYD22KYNFS (French Door)
  5. GE Profile PVD28BYNFS (French Door)




1. The LG LRSDS2706S - Basic Side by Side Door in Door - $2,221 MSRP

A great example of LG's door in door innovation is the 27.1 cubic foot capacity LG LRSDS2706S pricing at $2,221 MSRP. It's built with LG linear compressor technology - this type of compressor has fewer moving parts and is more efficient, so it requires fewer repairs. It's also Energy Star rated. With extra door bins and shelf space as well as the door in door, you have tons of room in this 36" wide refrigerator!

This model features a basic door in door design with shelves on both sides of the compartment ideal for holding beverages and cans of soda. Some newer options have adjusted the door in door style for more shelf space or have it set up to back the inner door shelving rather than being an entirely separate compartment. This fridge also features an ice and water dispenser with LG's SpacePlus in-door ice system. You also get slow-melting spherical Craft Ice with the Craft Ice maker.

LRSDS2706S Door-in-Door Filled 3


LoDecibel quiet operation keeps this fridge from disturbing the peace. If you're looking for a cheap LG door in door refrigerator, this side by side model is a great option since the French door models start at around $3,000 and go up from there.



  • Energy Star rated

  • Door-in-Door design

  • In-door SpacePlus icemaker system & Craft Ice™ maker

  • Linear Cooling & Door Cooling+

  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation



  • Width: 35.875"

  • Depth: 33.44"

  • Height: 70.25"


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LG LRSDS2706S - $2,221 MSRP

LG LRSDS2706S Side By Side Refrigerator




2. The LG LFCC23596S - InstaView French Door in Door - $2,899 MSRP

Next up, let's check out LG's new InstaView door in door refrigerator. This 22.5 cubic foot refrigerator starts at $2,899 MSRP in PrintProof stainless steel. The counter-depth design is perfect for getting that premium built-in look. 

The InstaView design with ColdSaver panel uses a glass panel that is tinted when not in use. Just knock on that panel and it will light up to reveal the contents of the door-in-door section and the main refrigerator section behind it as well. It's a great way to browse your refrigerator without wasting cool air! This model is also equipped with Smart Cooling technology to evenly cool the interior of the fridge and keep produce fresh up to two times longer than other LG models.


Check Out the InstaView Feature!




  • Energy Star rated

  • Factory installed icemaker

  • Smart Cooling with Linear Compressor

  • Counter-depth design



  • Width: 35.75"

  • Depth: 28.75"

  • Height: 69.75"


LG LFCC23596S - $2,899 MSRP

LG LFCC23596S French Door in Door Refrigerator



3. The Samsung RF28R7351SG - Dual Door Food ShowCase 4-Door French Door - $3,699 MSRP

Samsung was offering a variety of side by side models with door in door, but they have recently discontinued some of them. So in the meantime we'll focus on one of their most popular door in door options. Brace yourself - lots of feature lingo ahead! The full-depth Samsung RF28R7351SG retails at $3,699 and comes in black stainless steel, stainless, or new Tuscan stainless steel

Samsung's Dual Door Food ShowCase design uses a stainless steel panel called Metal Cooling to help keep the door areas cool. The ShowCase section offers flip-open bins as well as traditional trays so you're not limited to storing small snack packages and condiments. 

This wifi connected refrigerator has dual evaporators to keep the fresh and frozen temperatures at consistent temperatures and humidity levels. Inside the fresh food section you'll find adjustable shelving and an AutoFill water pitcher in the door. The FlexZone drawer offers custom temperatures down to a soft freeze. This refrigerator has a ton of great features and is a mammoth 28 cubic feet in capacity!

Explore our reviews of the largest counter depth refrigerators and largest Samsung refrigerators for more great products!


Demo of Samsung Food ShowCase Dual Doors




  • Energy Star rated

  • Food ShowCase door-in-door with Metal Cooling

  • External ice and water dispenser with LED display

  • AutoFill water pitcher

  • Automatic ice maker

  • FlexZone drawer

  • Wifi-enabled

  • Twin Cooling Plus dual evaporators

  • ADA compliant



  • Width: 35.75"

  • Depth: 28.25"

  • Height: 69.75"


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Note: Customer reviews on our website are mixed, but overall reviews are positive on other retailer websites.


Samsung RF28R7351SG - $3,699 MSRP

Samsung RF287351SG French Door in Door Refrigerator



New Call-to-action



4. The GE Profile PYD22KYNFS - Basic French Door in Door - $3,998 MSRP

While Samsung has released a number of door-in-door refrigerators featuring its Food ShowCase design, GE has been slower to enter this niche market. One of their door in door models is the GE Profile PYD22KYNFS, a 22.1 cubic foot counter-depth French door model available in fingerprint resistant stainless steel

This model has a hands-free autofill feature that will let you leave your glass in the dispenser without worrying if the water will spill. GE aimed to make the door in door model more flexible with rotating bin, space for taller items, and even room for a gallon jug of milk. This door in door offers three larger main compartments for these items rather than the smaller, narrower stacked shelves and bins you'll find in the LG and Samsung models. Check it out in person to see if you prefer this style of door in door refrigerator.


GE Profile PYD22KYNFS French Door Refrigerator - Opened


This higher-end model includes dual evaporators for improved cooling performance, advanced water filtration, an external ice and water dispenser, and Showcase LED lighting.



  • Optional second icemaker

  • TwinChill dual evaporators

  • Hands-free Autofill

  • Counter-depth design

  • External ice and water dispenser

  • Quick Space shelf



  • Width: 35.75"

  • Depth: 31.25"

  • Height: 69.875"


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GE Profile PYD22KYNFS - $3,998 MSRP

GE Profile PYD22KYNFS French Door Refrigerator



5. The GE Profile PVD28BYNFS - Premium French Door in Door - $4,198 MSRP

Our last door in door refrigerator review is a high end model from GE Profile, model PVD28BYNFS. This model comes in fingerprint resistant stainless steel and has a massive 27.9 cubic foot capacity. In addition to the door in door compartment, there's also a drawer between the fresh and frozen sections that you can adjust to different temperatures for storing beverages, platters, snacks, and more. 

The door in door design includes a rotating bin that makes it easier to access tall items like wine bottles. The interior shelving has stainless steel trim and soft-close crisper drawers. An LED light wall across the entire rear wall of the fresh food section provides thorough lighting so you won't lose track of items hidden in the back of the fridge. The external dispenser includes a hands-free AutoFill option: set your glass on the dispenser ledge and it will fill automatically. 

This smart refrigerator also includes wifi connectivity so it does things like alerting you if you left the door open. This French door refrigerator has a crazy number of premium features!



  • TwinChill dual evaporators

  • External ice and water dispenser with Hands-Free AutoFill

  • LED light wall

  • Adjustable temperature drawer with removable liner for easy cleaning

  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

  • ADA Compliant



  • Width: 36.625"

  • Depth: 36.75"

  • Height: 69.875"


Click here to read over 4,485 real customer reviews of this product!


GE Profile PVD28BYNFS - $4,198 MSRP

GE Profile PVD28BYNFS French Door Refrigerator - Door in Door and 4-Door


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We hope these reviews gave you a broad look at the innovations in door in door refrigerators available today! LG still offers the most options for door in door refrigerators, but other brands are catching up. What do you think about the door in door design? Would you rather have more space for larger items and fewer shelves overall, or plenty of shelves for compact items?

Leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in November of 2016 and has been completely updated and revamped for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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