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Best Rated Top Load Washer - Commercial Grade Options - Maytag vs Speed Queen

Posted by Bob Allaire on May 18, 2019 11:00:00 AM
Bob Allaire
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Maytag vs Speed Queen Commercial Top Load Washers


Washing machines have changed considerably with all of the new energy requirements and many have become very complicated. Longer wash times and lower water usage have definitely changed the way we do our laundry, and new laundry appliances seem to require more service than older models, especially if the operator uses too much soap or does too many over-sized batches.

Customers are looking for options before they purchase - they want to cut down on service calls and are seeking simpler operation. If you are looking for the best rated top load washer with these features, you should definitely consider Speed Queen and Maytag commercial washers. 




Maytag and Speed Queen are two manufacturers who are offering people good options for laundry equipment that is less complicated and more reliable. They both produce commercial-grade washers for use in the home. You may be a lot more familiar with Maytag since they've built their brand on the ideas of reliability and durability, but don't discount Speed Queen right away - the reason you may not have seen them around as much is because they only offer their machines to independent stores like ours and you won't find them in big box stores. They have a dedicated fanbase - If we're going by the numbers, the Speed Queen model we reviewed below has far outsold the Maytag model in the past year (as of this writing). 

Both brands design and build their machines in the US and have produced commercial grade top load washing machines with agitators that are designed to be workhorses. If you are in the process of researching a new washing machine to purchase and durability is at the top of your list of must-haves, you should consider these models. (Click here to learn more about the pros and cons of agitator washing machines.)


Check out our video for more information on choosing the perfect washing machine!



The Maytag Commercial Washer Model

The Maytag MVWP575GW is a washer that is built to last with Maytag's Commercial Technology and tested to have two times the life of other washers. Selling for $899, it is really worth the investment. Four of the cycles use more water and are highlighted in blue on the control panel: these deep water wash cycles use more water to handle heavy soils. It has a 3.5 cubic foot stainless steel tub with the capacity to wash up to 18 towels in one batch, and it is designed to clean heavy-duty loads. It offers seven wash cycle options, with a dual-action agitator to keep cycle times short.

Rather than touch-button controls and digital screens, this Maytag model keeps it simple with turn-dial controls and indicator lights. The powerful 1/2-horsepower motor helps this washer handle anything!

It has a 10-year limited parts residential warranty that includes all parts and labor for the first five years. Refer to the manufacturer's warranty for full details. Maytag has truly raised the bar with this model!


Cycles & Options:

  • 7 Cycles: Bulky/Towels, PowerWash, Delicates, Mixed, Normal, Rinse & Spin, Drain & Spin

  • Options: Off, Presoak, Extra Rinse, Presoak & Extra Rinse

  • 5 Temperature Selections



  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 26"

  • Height: 42.5"


Maytag MVWP575GW - $899

 Maytag MVWP575GW.jpg


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The Speed Queen Commercial Washer Model

Speed Queen is a commercial laundry company, that makes washers for the home that are built to last 25 years. The energy-efficient Speed Queen TR3000WN is one of their most popular models. It's their "entry-level" offering at a price of only $899, and it will save you money in the long run. With an expected life of 10,400 cycles, their machines are made with the same durable, long-lasting design as their commercial washers that are used in laundromats and other commercial locations.

Speed Queen washers feature a one-of-a-kind wash system that not only gives users the best wash available, but also takes care of your clothes! The 3.3 cubic foot tub and agitator work together to create a gentle wash action that moves the maximum amount of water through the clothes. One example of that commercial technology at work can be seen in the solid mount suspension system. The full steel base and heavy-duty springs help reduce vibration and out-of-balance issues for a longer lifespan and noise reduction. The max spin speed of 820 RPM is impressive for top load washers and will help your clothes dry more quickly. And the 1-HP variable motor is ready to handle the toughest soils!

This Speed Queen commercial washer has one of the industry's best warranties: three years to cover all parts and in-home labor plus a lifetime warranty covering the outer drain tub and the stainless steel wash basket. See manufacturer's warranty for complete details. Speed Queen laundry products are a cut above most and a good choice for any home!

If you want to go above and beyond, Speed Queen's other washers at higher pricing tiers offer even longer warranties, up to seven years!


Cycles & Options:

  • 4 Cycles: Heavy Duty, Normal Eco, Perm Press, Delicates

  • Extra Rinse On/Off

  • 3 Wash Temperatures

  • Load Size: Small, Medium, Large, Auto Fill



  • Width: 25.625"

  • Depth: 28"

  • Height: 42.75"


Speed Queen TR3000WN - $899

 Speed Queen TR3000WN Top Load Washer



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Features Comparison

  • Cycles & Options: Maytag wins here with presoak options and a greater variety of cycles. Four of the cycles are deep water washes but other than that you can't control the water levels like you can with the Speed Queen (a prized feature among Speed Queen fans). If you value water level control over custom cycles, you may prefer the Speed Queen model.

  • Look & Feel: Both have basic builds with sleek commercially-styled control panels. They have slightly different footprints (double check the dimensions if your laundry room has limited space), and the Speed Queen TR3's wash tub is .2 cubic feet smaller. 

  • Warranty: Maytag upped the ante with a 5-year full parts and labor warranty plus 5 years after that parts only. Speed Queen's TR3 model comes with a 3-year full parts and labor warranty plus lifetime on the outer drain tub and wash basket. Both have far surpassed the industry norm of one year. It looks like Maytag may be the winner here! However, Speed Queen offers the next step up TR5 model with a five-year warranty starting at $999 and the TR7 model comes with a 7-year warranty starting at $1,099.

  • Other Factors: Although neither model is Energy Star rated, the Energy Guides for each model show that the Maytag model will cost twice as much to operate per year in terms of electricity use ($18 vs $8 for the Speed Queen model). The Speed Queen has an edge in max spin speed as well at 820 RPM vs 700 RPM, so your clothes will spend less time in the dryer, and in motor horsepower - 1 HP from Speed Queen vs 1/2 HP in the Maytag commercial washer. 


Take a look at these two commercial models from Speed Queen and Maytag when you go shopping and see if one of them will be right for your home and your budget. These are two of the best rated top load washer options available! Speed Queen is generally second to none when it comes to true commercial laundry technology for home use. The Maytag Commercial model has yet to out-sell Speed Queen (at least in our area) but is definitely a competitor for this appliance niche. 

These agitator washers are not large enough to wash king-sized comforters or other huge, bulky loads, but they are definitely more durable than your average agitator washing machine. If you'd like to see larger options, check out our reviews of the largest agitator washersWe hope you enjoyed this article. Please leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in September of 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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