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Slide-In Electric Range Reviews - The Top 5 Best Models of 2020

Posted by Todd Buehler on Nov 26, 2019 10:00 AM
Todd Buehler

Best Slide In Electric Range Samsung NE58F9710WS lifestyle image

When designing or updating your kitchen, picking the right slide-in electric range may be one of the most important choices you'll make. The perfect slide in range will help give your kitchen the clean, modern, professional look that you are seeking, and at the same time make it easy to produce good cooking and baking results.   

Beyond that, you want to pick a range that is both convenient to use and convenient to clean and care for that will be dependable and serve you for many years until your next kitchen overhaul. To help you make this big decision, we've narrowed the field to the Top 5 Models of 2020 and will help you pick the one that suits you best. They are numbered for your convenience but are listed in no particular order. Let's dive into our slide in electric range reviews!


Table of Contents

  1. Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF
  2. Bosch HEI8056U
  3. GE Profile S960SLSS*
  4. LG LSE4613ST^
  5. Samsung NE58F9710WS*

Models marked with a * are double oven models. Models marked with a ^ have MSRPs under $2,000 (although promotions and package deals can shave 20% or more off of the retail price).


3 Quick Tips on Slide In Ranges

  • "Front control freestanding ranges" are a new option today. These "hybrid" units can be installed at the end of a countertop if needed since the sides are factory finished. They are technically considered "front control freestanding ranges" but they are interchangeable. They are often designed to be installed in the same space that a freestanding range with a backguard once was. Some of these "hybrid" models may not overlap your counters for a built-in look that keeps food from falling between the counter and your stove. True slide-ins will also need a "filler strip" of countertop material across the back to finish off the built-in look since they aren't as deep as the standard counter. All of the slide-ins on our list are hybrid front control freestanding ranges designed to easily replace a 30" freestanding range.

  • Consider stovetop element options. Many of the slide-ins on our list offer "bridge elements" that connect two elements to heat extra-large cookware, griddles, and oblong pots. Expandable elements are another feature to consider - these elements can be expanded from 6" to 9" and even up to 12" to accommodate different sizes of cookware. If you like to do a lot of high-heat cooking, consider the wattage as well. If you're more familiar with gas ranges, a 3,500W element equals about 12,000 BTUs. In general, all of these ranges have nicely featured stovetops and ovens, so don't worry about getting the most powerful stovetop unless you absolutely think you need it.

  • Check out convection ovens. There are two types of convection oven: fan convection and true convection. Fan convection incorporates a fan into the back of the oven to circulate the hot air better. You'll likely notice that your roasts are more evenly browned, and that multiple racks of cookies come out evenly done. True convection is the next step up, and incorporates a heating element with the fan. You can read more about convection here.



1. Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF - 6.1 cu ft - $2,449

The Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF front control freestanding electric range retails for $2,449 in stainless steel and has been updated with many new and improved user-friendly features, plus a professionally-inspired design that will look great in your kitchen.

The 6.1 cubic foot capacity oven with PowerPlus Convection option makes for easy convection baking or roasting with restaurant-quality results. Easy-set controls offer simple turn-style knobs for selecting oven modes and temperatures. Oven heating is supplied via the 8-pass bake and broil elements that heat evenly, which give you superb cooking results. An included temperature probe will display the food's interior temperature so it won't be over- or under-cooked. The oven interior is well-lit by two wall-mounted halogen lights.

When it comes to the cooking surface, this Professional model is fully loaded. The black glass, stainless steel trimmed top has two left side 7" 1,800W elements that bridge together, transforming into the perfect heating arrangement for any oblong-styled cookware or a griddle. The expandable 9" to 12" 1,800W/3,000W element provides intense heat for quick boiling or even pan searing. And finally, there's the center rear 100W warming zone. 



  • PowerPlus Convection (true convection)

  • PowerPlus Temperature Probe

  • SpacePro Bridge Element

  • 9"/12" 1,800W/3,000W dual element

  • Bridgeable elements for oversized cookware


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Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF - $2,449

Best Slide In Electric Range - Frigidaire_Slide_In_Range_FPEH3077RF



2. Bosch HEI8056U - 4.6 cu ft - $2,199

The next model on our list of slide in electric range reviews is the Bosch HEI8056U, which comes with a traditional slide-in feature that many people miss: cooktop edges that overlap the countertop. It has a smaller oven than is typical for many of today's ranges, but there's still plenty of room for baking and roasting. Its predecessor, the HEI8054UC, was a high-performer with many positive reviews, so we have a good feeling about this upgraded model. The minimalist design lends it a commercial feel, and Bosch is known for making integrated appliances that will sit as close to flush with your cabinetry as possible. 

There are five stovetop elements, including a 3,200W 9" power burner and a dual expandable 6"/9" element. The other elements are 6". If you're looking for extra-large 12" elements, bridgeable elements, or other features for handling large cookware, you won't find them on this range. Bosch has focused on designing useful, go-to features that meet high performance standards. 

The oven has true convection with convection conversion, and you have access to 11 cooking modes to make the most of it. These include specialty options like Proof Dough as well as a Fast Preheat option, Pizza, and more. Bosch offers a warming drawer under the oven rather than a storage drawer to help you juggle preparing multiple dishes for one meal. It prices at $2,199 in stainless steel or at $2,299 in Bosch's black stainless steel (model HEI8046U). 



  • True European Convection

  • 6"/1,400W to 9"/3,000W dual expandable element

  • Cooktop overlaps countertops for a seamless look and easier cleanup

  • Self cleaning oven


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Bosch HEI8056U - $2,199

Bosch HEI8056U Slide In Electric Range



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3. GE Profile PS960SLSS - Double oven, 6.6 cu ft - $2,909

GE is also in the game with their most popular double oven slide-in version. The GE Profile PS960SLSS prices at $2,909 in stainless steel and at $3,009 in slate or black stainless steel. It features a full-width glass cooking surface with a left side bridge burner assembly that can be operated as singular controlled front 8"/5" and rear 8" burners or linked together forming the 2,000W bridge. There's also a triple 12"/9"/6" element and a central rear warming zone.

The upper oven sizes at 2.2 cubic feet and operates as a traditional oven would, but the smaller format allows for quicker preheating. The lower 4.4 cubic foot oven is large enough to take on the Thanksgiving Day turkey and larger meals. True European Convection is also included in the lower oven along with an oven meat probe for accurate food interior temperature readings. This eliminates the need to open the door and check your meal with an external thermometer. One roller rack with two positions in the upper oven, two self cleaning racks and six height positions in the lower makes ease of adjustments for all meals.

Other great features like fast preheat, the ability to automatically have the vent hood turn on when you're cooking, and more make this slide in electric range a fully featured model with a lot to offer!



  • True European Convection (lower oven)

  • Temperature probe (lower oven)

  • 6"/1,050W, 9"/1,950W, 12"/3,000W triple expandable element

  • Bridge element

  • Self cleaning oven


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GE Profile PS960SLSS - $2,909

Best Slide in Electric Range - GE PS960SLSS



4. LG LSE4613ST - 6.3 cu ft - $1,899

LG also produces a great competitor worthy of our Top 5 list. The LG LSE4613ST is also a model that can be installed as a slide-in or freestanding range with full-depth dimensions which eliminate the need for rear filler strips or additional countertop in the rear. This model is available in stainless steel at $1,899 and black stainless steel at $1,999. A stainless steel trim surrounds the main glass top cooking surface.

The stovetop includes a dual 6"/9" 1,400W/3,200W burner and a 9"/12" 1,700W/2,700W burner. Sitting between the two rear elements is a convenient 7" 100W warming zone for keeping any foods warm or simply heating up a dinner plate. The large 6.3 cubic foot Cobalt Blue oven is loaded with cooking modes such as convection bake, programmable favorites, proofing, keep warm, pizza and speed roast. ProBake true convection is ready to take your cooking results to the next level! 

LG uses a glass touch control panel rather than some traditional Mylar-coated panels found with many brands. This type of control does not require stabbing at the panel. A light touch with your finger is all that's needed. The professionally-inspired ProBake Convection and sleek design make this a great slide in range for your home!



  • ProBake Convection (true convection)

  • EasyClean steam cleaning oven

  • 6"/1,400W, 9"/3,200W and 9"/1,700W, 12"/2,700W dual elements


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LG LSE4613ST - $1,899

Best slide in electric range - LG_Slide_In_Electric_Range_LSE4613ST



5. Samsung NE58F9710WS -  Double oven, 5.8 cu ft - $2,299

Last, but certainly not least, is the Samsung NE58F9710WS, which has leaped into the crowd with an appropriately named Flex Duo Dual Convection Slide-in Range that allows the user to split the cavity into two independently controlled ovens by simply sliding in a divider (learn more in our article on Samsung Flex Duo). An upper and lower convection fan assembly provide baking, convection baking and convection roasting within these cavities. Or you can remove the supplied liner for an overall 5.8 cubic foot oven. Two 40W incandescent lights illuminate the ovens and a temperature probe is also included for precise internal cooking. Self-clean and Steam clean are handy when the cavity needs attention.  

Glass touch controls light up in sleek Ice Blue and easily set with the touch of a fingertip, plus the chrome weighted burner knobs give it a commercial feel.  This range has an overall cooking surface width of 31", overlapping your countertops slightly for a neat built-in look. Within this stovetop you'll find two 1,800W elements that can be bridged together and a triple expandable element with up to 3,000W of power. 

Beneath this range is a warming drawer which also has a hidden oven liner storage area. Available in stainless steel at $2,299, this range might just fulfill all of your cooking needs.



  • Flex Duo oven with dual true convection

  • Temperature probe

  • Bridge element

  • 6"/9"/12" up to 3,000W triple element

  • Warming drawer

  • Cooktop overlaps countertop for built-in look


Click here to read over 35 real customer reviews of this product!


Samsung NE58F9710WS - $2,299

best slide in electric range reviews - Samsung_Slide_In_Elecric_Range_NE58F9710WS.jpg

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We hope you enjoyed our slide in electric range reviews. There are lots of choices out there but now you have five excellent models to pick from offering some of the best new technology and styling available on the market today. If you want a sleek industrial look, check out #1 from Frigidaire Professional and #2 from Bosch for a commercial-style kitchen. The least expensive models in terms of MSRP come from LG (#4), followed by  Samsung (#5). Samsung offers an interesting option if you like the idea of a double oven range but also want the space of a full-size oven. Overall, you have a lot of fully-featured options at your fingertips with serious aesthetic appeal with any of these models!

Let us know which one you buy for your kitchen. Leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in July of 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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