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Top Load Dryer vs Front Load - What is a Front Load Dryer?

Posted by Todd Buehler on Aug 18, 2022 8:30 AM
Todd Buehler

Top Load Dryer vs Front Load - What is a Front Load Dryer - LG DLE7150W - Above the Fold Image


Researching a new dryer can be easy if you know the right questions to ask. One of the topics you may be pondering is the difference between a top load dryer vs front load (find out more about dryers in our Dryer Buying Guide). 

Virtually, all dryers load from the front, so what do we mean by a front loading dryer? This is a dryer that is meant to aesthetically match the appearance of a front loading washer, with the controls in the front and matching cosmetic details. These dryers usually have the option of being stacked on top of the washer, but it is not a requirement (check out our review of a Maytag stackable washer dryer pair to explore this option). They can also be placed on optional pedestal bases to raise them to a more convenient height. Most consumers who already have or are planning to purchase a front loading washer will want to plan on matching it with a front loading dryer.



Likewise, a "top load dryer" is meant to match with a top load washer. It will generally include backguard controls and similar styling for its matching washer. These laundry pairs are usually not stackable. Here's an example pair from Maytag:


Top Load Dryer vs Front Load - What is a Front Load Dryer - WT7150CW_DLE7150W_DLG7151W Front


Notice the corresponding styling and similar control setup on the backguards. Traditional dryers don't always have windows like the model pictured above, while a front load dryer almost always has a window of some kind! If you're looking for the least expensive laundry pairs out there, your best bet is usually a top load washer and a top load styled dryer. Front load washer dryer pairs tend to look nicer and have more features, making them more expensive.


Top Load Dryer vs Front Load - What is a Front Load Dryer - WM3400CW_WD100CW_DLE3400W_DLG3401W_WDP4W Front



Top Load Style Dryer Review: The LG DLE7150W - $949

The LG DLE7150W is a top-selling top load style dryer (electric) from one of today's hottest manufacturers - LG! This machine can help you cut down on the number of loads you do with its large 7.3 cubic feet capacity. It is both a time and energy saver thanks to the LG Sensor Dry system and its Energy Star rating. With LG Smart ThinQ technology, you can remotely monitor and start your dryer with your smartphone and receive notifications when your clothes are ready to go.

Other great features include LG LoDecibel Quiet Operation - ideal for laundry rooms or closets near high-traffic areas or bedrooms. The door is reversible, and the FlowSense duct clogging indicator will let you know if your ducting needs maintenance. Four-way venting and a side venting kit gives you flexibility when installing, too!


Additional Features:

  • 8 Programs: Normal, Perm Press, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Delicates, Speed Dry (Manual Dry) Air Dry (Manual Dry), Freshen Up (Manual Dry)

  • 7 Options: Wrinkle Care, Control Lock, More Time, Less Time, Damp Dry Signal, Energy Saver, Signal

  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor plus 3 years for Drum

  • Side Venting Kit available: 383EEL9001B



  • Width: 27"

  • Depth: 29 1/2"

  • Height: 44 1/2"


Click here to read over 100 real customer reviews of this product!


LG DLE7150W - $949

LG DLE7150W Top Load Dryer


Also available as a gas dryermodel DLG7151W, at $1,049.


For more information about dryer features and the entire dryer buying process, feel free to download our FREE Dryer Buyer's Guide. It is packed with information to help educate you so you can make a great purchase.

We hope you enjoyed this article and will explore the variety of other blogs we've published on related topics.  Also, please feel free to leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


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Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in April of 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above

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