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LG Sensor Dry - A Feature Worth Considering

Posted by Todd Buehler on May 21, 2019 11:00:00 AM
Todd Buehler

LG Sensor Dry - Lifestyle Image


There are many options and features to consider while researching a new dryer. If you are looking for drying accuracy, LG Sensor Dry may be worth considering when you purchase your next dryer. We'll go over sensor drying and review a top-seller from LG with this technology!

Sensor drying is the most accurate drying system available and will save you time and money by reducing utility costs and wear and tear on fabrics. Over-drying can damage or prematurely wear out your fabrics, while under-drying can leave your clothes stinky and needing to be re-washed. Not to mention the fact that dryers are usually the second-biggest electricity hogs in your home, second to your refrigerator, so avoiding the additional electricity wasted on over-drying or re-drying after re-washing stinky damp clothes is good for your bank account!

Dryers with this feature have a sensor located in the drum that measures the humidity inside of the drum. As the clothes pass by it during the cycle, it will send a message to the dryer when the clothes are dry and shut the dryer down without over-drying the clothes. Other dryers accomplish the same task by measuring the temperature of the air going out of the vent, but the sensor dry system is more accurate. (You can learn more about dryer features and options in our Dryer Buying Guide!)

LG Sensor Dry places the sensor bar at the front of the drum behind the lint trap. This sensor dry system works best with a full load of clothing, ideally with similar fabric types (for example, a load of mostly denim or heavy-duty items, or a load of lightweight shirts). For small loads of just a few items, it can be difficult for the sensor to adequately assess the moisture levels, so using a Timed Dry option may be better in this case. 

LG Sensor Dry Logo Closeup from LG Website


If you are looking for a best-selling dryer with this feature, you may want to check out the updated LG DLEX7600WE featuring sensor drying technology. Let's take a closer look at what this great model has to offer.




A Quick Review of a Dryer with LG Sensor Dry

The LG DLEX7600WE is a top selling electric dryer option from one of today's hottest manufacturers - LG! If dryer capacity is important, this machine has that covered thanks to its large 7.3 cubic foot capacity. It is both a time and energy saver, priced starting at $1,049 in white or $1,249 in black stainless steel.

With TurboSteam Technology, this dryer can help reduce wrinkles and odors so you can do less ironing and re-washing. Another helpful feature is the Steam Sanitary Cycle, which can safely sanitize non-washable items like throw pillows or a child's toy. You can take advantage of LG's Smart ThinQ technology with the Smart Diagnosis app and NFC Tag On technology, so you can troubleshoot any issues and also download custom cycles to your dryer. Other great cycle options include Reduce Static and Wrinkle Care, plus a Damp Dry Signal option that will alert you when clothes are at the ideal dampness for ironing.

LG's LoDecibel Quiet Operation technology helps keep operation noise to a minimum, ideal for laundry rooms near living areas. The EasyLoad door can be opened two ways: swinging from the side or dropping down like a hamper. Load it with the door open to the side and unload it using the hamper door to catch any stray socks!


(Have 9 seconds to spare? Watch our demo of the EasyLoad door!)




This model is Energy Star rated and comes with a standard one year parts and labor warranty. If you're looking for a gas dryer, the gas version is model DLGX7601WE, available at $1,149 in white or $1,349 in black stainless steel. 


Cycles & Options Include:

  • 14 Drying Programs: Normal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Small Load, Anti-Bacterial, Steam Fresh, Steam Sanitary, Perm Press, Sportswear, Delicates, Towels, Speed Dry, Air Dry, Downloaded

  • 6 Options: Reduce Static, Energy Saver, Custom Program, Wrinkle Care, Damp Dry Signal, TurboSteam


Click here to read over 110 real customer reviews of this product!


LG DLEX7600WE - $1,049

LG Sensor Dry - LG DLEX7600WE Dryer


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What do you think about LG sensor dry? Dryer efficiency has taken longer to improve compared to washing machines, and sensor dry technology is definitely a step in the right direction. This feature is available in dryers at a variety of price points but may work differently depending on the brand and model - Talk to your local appliance salespeople to find out which dryer is best for you!

We hope you enjoyed this article and will explore the variety of other blogs we've published on related topics. Please feel free to leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in May of 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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