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The LG Electric Range Lineup - Discover Your Options!

Posted by Todd Buehler on Apr 20, 2022 9:15 AM
Todd Buehler

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LG is relatively new to the appliances industry, but the brand has definitely made a name for itself! If you're shopping for a new electric range, you might be wondering what LG electric ranges have to offer. We'll go over the full LG electric range lineup to help you decide if this brand has what you're looking for!

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What Makes LG Electric Ranges Different

As of this writing, LG offers three single oven smoothtop electric ranges as well as double oven models and a solid assortment of slide-in range models. The main features you'll find in the LG lineup include:

  • ProBake Convection - Commercial oven technology with a dual-speed convection fan and heating element on the rear wall of the oven.

  • EasyClean Steam Clean Oven - Steam cleaning is a light-duty alternative to self-clean cycles, although many LG ranges come with both steam clean and pyrolytic self-clean options.

  • 2-Step Hidden Oven Door Hinges - This type of hinge won't snag clothes or dishtowels. LG's double ovens also feature a reduced gap between the upper and lower oven doors, preventing children from sticking their hands between the doors.

  • PrintProof and Matte Colors - Select models are available in PrintProof stainless steel and matte black stainless steel. Most are available in black stainless steel as well (click the links to learn more about these color options). 

  • Large Oven Capacities - All LG ranges have total oven capacities over 6.0 cubic feet - often at least 10% larger than the competition.

  • Air Fry - This feature is new for 2020 and is available on select LG ranges. Using powerful convection, you can get crispy and delicious chicken wings and more without deep frying. Read more about air fry here.

  • InstaView Oven Door - Available on select models, this new 2020 feature will turn on the oven light when you knock on the door!


LG was the first to offer freestanding ranges that adopted commercial oven technology with a convection heat element and dual-speed fan placed on the rear wall of the oven. The lower fan speed works for delicate baking, while the higher speed works well for crispy roasts. Select LG models have true convection with an additional heating element. Putting the heating element and fan together on the back wall rather than locating the heating elements on the top and bottom of the oven is usually found only in luxury brands, so this convection design definitely stands out from the crowd. It's optimized for multi-rack cooking!

These ranges also come with EasyClean 10-minute steam cleaning - and the cleaning should be extra easy since the heating elements are hidden rather than exposed at bottom of the oven cavity. These models also have very large capacities at over 6.0 cubic feet. The UltraHeat cooktop elements come in dual and triple element sizes (depending on the model) for quick boiling. SmoothTouch Glass Controls available on the upper-end models have a premium feel compared to typical keypad controls.

If you're looking for an induction range, the only option from LG is the LG LSE4616ST slide-in model at $2,999 MSRP.


Now, let's dig into the details of the LG's electric range lineup!



1. The Base Model: LG LREL6321S - $849

This large 6.3 cubic foot capacity model is available in stainless steel for $849. This is a basic oven with knob controls and LG's EasyClean steam clean feature. On the cooktop, you'll find four elements plus a 100W center warming zone. There are two dual 6"/9" 3,200W elements in the front, one of the most powerful available on the market today! There are also two 6" 1,200W rear elements. This electric range is Wi-Fi enabled and works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It also comes with LG's ThinQ Technology with Proactive Customer Care that sends you maintenance tips and alerts to make it easier for you to keep your range performing at its best.

Not all ranges at this price point come with five cooktop elements, and most have ovens that are about a cubic foot smaller. LG's old entry-level freestanding ranges had touch controls for the burners, but this updated model features easy-to-use knob controls. Overall, this is a nice range for the price!



  • 5 elements, including a warming zone

  • Dual 6"/9" 3,200W elements

  • Wi-Fi enabled with Proactive Customer Care

  • EasyClean oven with steam


LG LREL6321S - $849

LG LREL6321S Electric Range



2. The Next Level Up: LG LREL6325F - $1,249

This is the first of the LG electric ranges with true convection, with a 3,400W 6-pass hidden bake element plus a 700W convection element (and a 4,200W broil element, too). It has additional oven options like Air Fry, Convection Bake, and Convection Roast. It expands the cooktop setup compared to the previous model with the addition of a triple expandable right front element that can go from 6"/1,100W up to 12"/3,000W. It comes with a self-clean option as well as the EasyClean steam clean option. So if you're looking for a solid oven that has true convection, you may want to "level up" to this model!

The Air Fry feature is new for 2020 - LG and several other brands have followed Frigidaire's lead in offering this great feature. This oven option requires no preheating and allows you to air fry more food at once compared to countertop air fryers. LG offers an optional air fry tray, sold separately. This LG model is definitely a step up, so make sure to check it out!



  • 5 elements, including a warming zone

  • Triple-expandable 6"/9"/12" 3,000W element

  • Wi-Fi enabled with Proactive Customer Care

  • Air Fry option

  • True Convection oven with EasyClean and Self Clean

  • InstaView oven door


LG LREL6325F - $1,249

LG LREL6325F Electric Range 2



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3. A Top Selling Slide-In Model: LG LSEL6335F - $1,999

Now, we're getting into LG's higher-end offerings. The LG LSEL6335F slide-in range features SmoothTouch™ glass touch controls rather than the typical touchpad controls that you have to push in with your finger. This model also has knob controls at the front of the cooktop surface, similar to a gas range, rather than on the backguard like the previous two models. That gives it a more commercial feel, and it may be more intuitive to use as well if you're used to gas ranges. Although it has five elements, there are six knobs for symmetry - the sixth knob is for the oven. 

The right front element is a 12"/9"/6" triple 3,000W element, and the left front element is a 9"/6" dual 3,200W element. Within the oven, you'll find a 4,200W broil element. It offers similar settings as the previous model and also has an EasyClean + Self Clean Oven option.

Make sure to check out this slide-in model if you're going for a built-in look. This model is priced at $1,999 in stainless steel and at $2,099 in black stainless steel.



  • SmoothTouch™ glass touch controls

  • 5 elements, including a warming zone

  • UltraHeat 3,200W power burner

  • ProBake true convection

  • Easy Clean oven + Self Clean Oven


LG LSEL6335F - $1,999

LG LSEL6335F Slide-In Electric Range



4. The Double Oven Model: LG LDE4413ST - $1,699

The double oven model LG LDE4413ST, pricing at around $1,699, comes with a 3.0 cubic foot upper oven with an exposed bake element and a 4.3 cubic foot lower oven with ProBake convection. Read more about double oven ranges here. This range offers the same cooktop configuration in the rear elements and the left front element as the previous model, but the right front element for this model is a 9"/1,700W and 12"/2,700W dual element. 

There's also the dual size UltraHeat 3,200W power burner. The ovens come with steam clean and self clean. 



  • Glass touch controls

  • 5 elements, including a warming zone

  • UltraHeat 3,200W power burner

  • ProBake true convection

  • Easy Clean and self-clean oven


LG LDE4413ST - $1,699

3 LG LDE4413ST



Looking for a Smart Stove?

Many of LG's ranges are now wifi-enabled with Smart ThinQ technology, so you can control your smart oven from anywhere - start preheating or turn the oven off from your smartphone! You can check the timer from your smartphone, too. This option is available starting with their base model, the LREL6321S that we reviewed above!


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In Conclusion...

LG electric ranges have a lot to offer and could be a great fit for your home. ProBake Convection and other thoughtful features allow you to do more when it comes to roasting and baking. The freestanding ranges are stylishly designed, while the slide-in models offer a high-end built-in look. Check these ranges out in person and see how those glass touch controls feel to use!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in October of 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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