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LG Dishwasher Reviews - Discover Inverter Direct Drive Motors & More!

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Jun 25, 2020 8:15 AM
Jeff Allaire

LG Dishwasher Reviews - LG Lifestyle Image


LG is one of the fastest growing brands in the appliance industry, offering top-quality products and innovative features. They've won several awards in the past few years for customer satisfaction and reliability so they're a great choice for appliances. When it comes to dishwashers, LG has a lot of great mid-range to high-end models. If you're looking for a cheaper option under $500, you should probably look into Bosch, Frigidaire, or other brands with budget dishwasher offerings.

We'll go over the key features LG has incorporated into their dishwashers and then dig into reviews of three popular models at different price points. Let's go!


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LG Dishwasher Technology - Key Features

LG offers around 10 dishwasher models as of this writing ranging from $649 to $1,699 if you include the high-end LG Studio and LG Signature lines. Even the most basic front control models have sleek styling with slim pocket handles and smooth touch controls. They also offer pocket handle models with hidden controls as well as bar handle models with hidden controls to suit any kitchen design needs. Many of these models are available in black stainless steel or LG's black matte color (click the link to learn more about both of these colors).

The warranty covers one year parts and labor, five years on the control board and racks, 10 years on the direct drive motor, and lifetime on the stainless steel door liner and tub.

Here are some key features LG offers on their dishwashers:

  • EasyRack Plus: These adjustable racks move on glide rails with ball bearing wheels so even the heaviest loads are easy to handle. The upper rack has three height adjustments that give you the ability to make room above or below. Some models also come with a height-adjustable third rack to handle anything from utensils to small cups. Read more about dishwasher racks here.

  • QuadWash: LG's four Multi-Motion spray arms swivel from side to side while spinning in an effort to improve washing performance and reduce cycle times. And it works!

  • TrueSteam: Steam cycle dryers have been an interesting new option on the market, and LG is now bringing the power of steam to dishwashers to eliminate presoaking and prewashing. The steam is circulated throughout the interior during the wash cycle to help break up baked-on food while being gentle on stemware and other delicate items.

  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor: With fewer moving parts and better efficiency, the direct drive motor is a cool feature for your dishwasher that LG backs with a 10-year warranty. "Inverter" just means the motor is connected to an electronic control system for precise speed control (which is usually better for the motor and results in quieter operation). Direct drive motors are also found in washing machines - they eliminate belts and other moving parts that can need repairs in a few years. It's also quieter, which is good news for open floor plans!




1. The Entry-Level Model - LG LDF5545SS - $699

First up in our LG dishwasher reviews is an entry-level model retailing for around $699 in fingerprint resistant stainless steel, $649 in black or white, and $799 in black stainless steel. This highly rated model comes with the EasyRack Plus system and operates at a not-too-shabby 48 dB (learn more about dishwasher decibel levels here). It earned's Editors' Choice and Best of the Year Awards for 2020!

Like all LG models, it comes with a stainless steel interior tub and a hybrid condensing drying system. The four QuadWash spray arms rotate back and forth while spinning to hit every angle with high-pressure jets. When it comes to cycles and options you have a nice array of choices. The Half Load option washes just the upper or lower rack (depending on what you select), and the Dual Zone option lets you set a high spray intensity for the lower spray arm and a lower spray intensity for the upper arm. This would allow you to get heavier cleaning action on the lower rack for pots or a casserole dish while washing as normal in the upper rack. And if you want super dry dishes, the Night Dry option cycles a fan on and off throughout the night so your dishes will be as dry as possible by the next morning. 

The smooth-touch front controls have a high-end feel, and you can check on the cycle time remaining easily with the LED time remaining display. Usually the main comparison between top control vs front control dishwashers is aesthetic appeal, so this model is a great pick if you prefer front controls!


Features & Options:

  • 48 dB operation

  • 9 Cycles: Auto, Heavy, Delicate, Normal, Turbo, Download Cycle, Machine Clean, Rinse, Express

  • 8 Options: Dual Zone, Half Load, Energy Saver, High Temp, Extra Dry, Delay Start (up to 12 hrs), Control Lock, Night Dry

  • Easy one-touch 3-level adjustable upper rack


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LG LDF5545SS - $699

LG LDF5545SS Dishwasher



2. The Mid-Range Model - LG LDP6797ST - $899

The LG LDP6797ST is a top rated dishwasher available in stainless steel at $899, black stainless steel at $999, or matte black stainless at $1,049. It has an integrated pocket handle so it will match with any appliance suite, and hidden top controls for a seamless look. It operates at just 44 decibels so it's significantly quieter than your old clunker.

This model features the QuadWash Multi-Motion spray arms we discussed above, the EasyRack Plus system with a third rack, and the inverter direct drive motor. The wash options let you wash a half load, and the Turbo wash option finishes in just under an hour. 

This dishwasher also comes with LG Smart ThinQ technology, so you can check on cycles and more using your smartphone or virtual assistant. If you're looking for a nicely featured smart dishwasher at a great price, LG is a great option!


Features & Options:

  • 44 dB operation

  • 9 Cycles: Auto, Heavy, Delicate, Normal, Turbo, Download Cycle, Machine Clean, Rinse, Express

  • 8 Options: Dual Zone, Half Load, Energy Saver, High Temp, Extra Dry, Delay Start (up to 12 hrs), Control Lock, Night Dry

  • Height-adjustable third rack

  • Smart ThinQ technology


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LG LDP6797ST - $899

5 LG LDP6797ST



dishwasher buying guide



3. The High End Model - LG LDT7808SS - $1,149

Next up in our LG dishwasher reviews is the LG LDT7808SS. Available in PrintProof stainless steel at $1,149, and in black stainless steel or matte black for $1,199, this high-end model has a sleek handle and hidden top controls that will look great in your kitchen. This model comes with TrueSteam to reduce the need to prewash or rewash dishes by hand: bursts of steam at the beginning of the cycle help loosen caked-on food, and another burst of steam during drying reduces water spots.

The upper rack is equipped with ball bearing glides so it's easier to load and unload. Options like High Temp raise the wash temperature to improve cleaning for heavily soiled items, and the Energy Saver option is a great choice for lightly soiled loads. You can also download custom cycles to your dishwasher from your smartphone.

If you're looking for a bar handle dishwasher and like the idea of TrueSteam boosting cleaning power and drying performance while still being gentle on glassware and other items, this dishwasher might be perfect for you!


Features & Options:

  • 42 dB operation

  • 10 Cycles: Auto, Heavy, Delicate, Refresh, Normal, Turbo, Download Cycle, Machine Clean, Rinse, Express

  • 9 Options: Dual Zone, Half Load, Energy Saver, Steam, High Temp, Extra Dry, Delay Start (up to 12 hrs), Control Lock, Night Dry

  • Height-adjustable third rack

  • Smart ThinQ technology


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LG LDT7808SS - $1,149

LG LDT7808SS Dishwasher



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That concludes our LG dishwasher reviews. As you can see, you can get a lot of bang for your buck with these models. You might like an LG dishwasher if you want smart features, a good variety of cycles and options, and thoughtful design choices like the EasyRack Plus system. Plus you can find these models on sale for 20-30% off or more during holiday sales throughout the year!

What do you think about LG dishwashers? Please leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in July of 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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