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The 5 Best Gas Cooktop Models of 2020

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Jan 6, 2020 10:39 AM
Jeff Allaire

Best Gas Cooktop - KitchenAid Lifestyle Image


Many people turn to niche luxury brands when it comes to buying a gas cooktop. Since we don't sell brands like Miele or Viking in our store right now, we're focusing our reviews on models from mainstream brands that have a good track record with our customers. Our best gas cooktop reviews may not be the last word, but we hope they'll help you discover some great options on the market!

Our reviews are numbered for your convenience but are listed in no particular order. Prices range from $729 to $1,399, but keep in mind that holiday sales and package deals can save you 20% or more off the retail price! We focus on 30" wide models but we link to 36" models where available. 


Table of Contents

  1. Bosch NGM8056UC
  2. KitchenAid KCGS550ESS
  3. GE JGP3030SLSS*
  4. Frigidaire Gallery FGC3047QS*
  5. Samsung NA30N6555TS

Models marked with a * retail for under $1,000.


4 Quick Tips for Buying a Gas Cooktop (Especially If It's Your First Time)

  • Consider the control position. Cooktops can have the controls mounted to one side or across the front. Which angle is easiest for you to reach? If you want controls that face into your kitchen, similar to a range, you may want to consider a rangetop, which slides into a cut out space (and likely has more professional features, too).

  • Check out the burners. In general, you'll probably benefit from having a mid-powered burner (or two) around 7-10,000 BTU, a simmer burner around 5,000 BTU or less, and a power burner that's typically 15,000 BTU or more. Consider specialty burners for large pots or griddles if needed. A five burner cooktop often places the power burner in the center and gives you room for a large pot, but if you have a big pot in the middle there may not be a lot of space to use the other burners.

  • Other features to think about. Continuous grates look good and make it easy to move pots and pans around on the cooktop. Are they dishwasher safe for easy cleanup? Pay attention to seams and ridges that might be difficult to clean if something spills. Do the knobs feel responsive? Do you want indicator lights? Are you looking for smart features, like the ability for the range hood to turn on automatically when the cooktop is on?

  • If you're replacing an existing cooktop: Double-check the dimensions and find out if the brand you're considering offers some type of Fit Guarantee (and how to comply with the rules of that guarantee). A Fit Guarantee will reimburse you a certain amount if cabinet modifications are needed to fit your new cooktop, assuming that you're replacing one 30" cooktop for another (so the guarantee won't apply if you're switching from a 30" to a 36" cooktop, for example). 


1. Bosch NGM8056UC - $1,149

Bosch is best-known in the US for their dishwashers, but they offer a full set of kitchen and laundry products with sleek, thoughtful designs. The Bosch NGM8056UC gas cooktop has a lot to offer on top of Bosch's stellar reputation as a brand! Under the cast iron continuous grates you'll find five sealed burners and a seamless one-piece stainless steel surface below that's easy to clean.

The cooktop's responsiveness has earned it high marks from customers. A powerful 19,000 BTU burner will help you get amazing searing and stir-frying results, while the 5,500 BTU OptiSim burner can handle more delicate tasks like simmering sauces with ease. You'll also find two 10,000 BTU burners and an additional 5,500 BTU burner. A red LED will let you know when the burners are on for those rare occasions when the spark doesn't quite catch. And if the flame goes out, it will reignite automatically. 

Bosch covers this model with a one year parts and labor warranty. Looking for a 36" gas cooktop? Check out the Bosch NGM8656UC!



  • Number of Burners: 5

  • BTU Range: 5,500-19,000

  • Indicator Lights: Yes

  • Fit Guarantee: No

  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

  • ADA Compliant: Yes


Click here to read over 25 real customer reviews of this product!


Bosch NGM8056UC - $1,149

Bosch NGM8056UC Gas Cooktop




2. KitchenAid KCGS550ESS - $1,399

Next up among the best gas cooktops is the highly rated KitchenAid KCGS550ESS, retailing at $1,399 in stainless steel. With accented multi-finish knobs, continuous cast iron grates that are dishwasher safe, and a stain-resistant, scratch-resistant CookShield finish, this model has premium looks designed to last!

The 17,000 BTU dual flame power burner allows you to amp up the power from a soft simmer to a roiling boil. The concentrated heat could give you an edge when it comes to wok cooking as well. Less powerful 6,000 BTU and 7,000 BTU burners as well as a 10,000 BTU burner round out your options. 

The 36" version of this model is the KitchenAid KCGS556ESS. If you're looking for a downdraft gas cooktop, KitchenAid's model KCGD500GSS is a great option. The downdraft version has four burners to make room for the 300 CFM downdraft vent.



  • Number of Burners: 5

  • BTU Range: 6,000-17,000

  • Indicator Lights: No

  • Fit Guarantee: No

  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor, years 2-5 parts only on select parts

  • ADA Compliant: Yes


Click here to read over 375 real customer reviews of this product!


KitchenAid KCGS550ESS - $1,399

KitchenAid KCGS550ESS Gas Cooktop



3. GE JGP3030SLSS - $729

Looking for the best gas cooktop under $1,000? Maybe you moved into a home with an aging gas cooktop and you just want a basic replacement. The GE JGP3030SLSS is a great pick if that's the case, retailing at $729 in stainless steel and at $629 in black or white. It comes with GE's Fit Guarantee - if this replacement cooktop doesn't fit your old cooktop's 30" opening, GE will contribute up to $100 for cabinet modifications (see offer for more details).

The MAX burner system ensures that you get the same BTU output regardless of whether you're using natural gas or propane (typically propane fuel results in lower BTUs). The stainless steel, deep-recessed cooktop contains spills and the heavy-duty grates are dishwasher safe. The four burners include a 15,000 BTU Power Burner and a 5,000 BTU Precise Simmer burner, plus a 12,000 BTU and 9,500 BTU burner. The controls are located to the right rather than centered.

If you need a cheap 36" gas cooktop, consider the GE JGP3036DLWW, which retails for just $779. 



  • Number of Burners: 4

  • BTU Range: 5,000-15,000

  • Indicator Lights: Yes

  • Fit Guarantee: Yes (Up to $100)

  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

  • ADA Compliant: Yes


Click here to read over 55 real customer reviews of this product!


GE JGP3030SLSS - $729

GE JGP3030SLSS Gas Cooktop






4. Frigidaire Gallery FGGC3047QS - $949

Another great gas cooktop under $1,000 comes from Frigidaire Gallery. Frigidaire's Gallery line offers nicely styled appliances at low prices, and the Frigidaire Gallery FGGC3047QS is a prime example! It retails at $949 in stainless steel and $849 in black or white. The angled front controls are a thoughtful feature that are easier to use than flat-placed controls, and the continuous corner-to-corner grates are dishwasher safe.

The five burners include an 18,000 BTU Power Burner, as well as a 5,000 BTU simmer burner plus a 9,500 BTU burner, a 12,000 BTU burner, and a 7,500 BTU burner. Frigidaire Gallery excels at providing high-end styling at affordable prices, so this cooktop is great for budget-conscious shoppers.

The 36" gas cooktop version is the Frigidaire Gallery FGGC3645QS, retailing for just $100 more!



  • Number of Burners: 5

  • BTU Range: 5,000-18,000

  • Indicator Lights: No

  • Fit Guarantee: No

  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

  • ADA Compliant: No


Click here to read over 100 real customer reviews of this product!


Frigidaire Gallery FGGC3047QS - $949

Frigidaire Gallery FGGC3047QS Gas Cooktop




5. Samsung NA30N7755TS - $1,599

Samsung's appliances stand out by offering premium features and style at lower prices. The Samsung NA30N7755TS gas cooktop is available in stainless steel at $1,599 and fingerprint resistant black stainless steel at $1,699. The weighted metal knobs light up with blue LEDs when in use for a high-tech feel. This model also offers wifi connectivity so you can check if you left a burner on without getting up from your chair. You can use Bluetooth to sync the range hood and lights with the burners, too. 

This model may be one of the best gas cooktops for wok cooking since its central burner element is a super-powerful 22,000 BTUs and includes a custom wok grate to accommodate the rounded bottom of a wok. A griddle is also included! The dual burner provides concentrated heat, while a 5,000 BTU simmer burner plus two 9,500 BTU burners and a 13,000 BTU burner round out your cooking options. 

Need a great gas cooktop that's 36" wide? Check out the Samsung NA36N7755TS.



  • Number of Burners: 5

  • BTU Range: 5,000-22,000

  • Indicator Lights: Yes

  • Fit Guarantee: Yes (Up to $300)

  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

  • ADA Compliant: Yes


Click here to read real customer reviews of this product!


Samsung NA30N7755TS - $1,599

Samsung NA30N7755TS Gas Cooktop



You've reached the end of our reviews of the best gas cooktops! If you're looking for a matching wall oven, perhaps you'd be interested in our article on the Best Wall Ovens of the Year. One small downside of choosing one of these cooktops we reviewed is that the warranty is typically just the standard one year parts and labor, while luxury brands like Miele and Thermador offer two-year warranties. If you want to reduce your risk, an extended warranty through your local appliance retailer may help. Of course, we always recommend going for a local retailer with in-house warranty service - Learn more about local appliance store vs big box chains here!

We hope this helped you choose a new model! Leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!


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