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The 5 Best Electric Cooktop Models of 2020

Posted by Meredith Czymmek on Dec 30, 2020 11:27 AM
Meredith Czymmek

Best Electric Cooktop - GE Profile Lifestyle Image


The cooktop and wall oven duo is popular for achieving a premium built-in look. Whether you're looking to spend $600 or $1,600, there are electric cooktops at a range of price points with different feature packages that could be perfect for your needs! In our reviews of the best electric cooktops, we made sure to find models at different price points to suit different budgets. 

Now, let's dig into the best electric cooktops of 2020! The products are numbered for your convenience but are listed in no particular order. We focus on 30-inch models, but we link to 36-inch models as well where available. Keep in mind that we show the MSRP here, but holiday sales and package deals can shave at least 20% off of that retail price!


Table of Contents

  1. GE JP3030SJSS*
  2. KitchenAid KCED600GSS
  3. Frigidaire FFEC3025UB*
  4. Bosch NET8068SUC
  5. GE Profile PP9030DJBB

Models marked with a * retail for under $1,000.


4 Quick Tips for Buying an Electric Cooktop (Especially If It's Your First Time)

  • Consider the control position. Cooktops can have the controls mounted to one side or across the front. Which angle is easiest for you to reach?

  • Check out the heating elements. In general, you'll probably benefit from having a mid-powered element (or two) around 1,000-1,500W, a simmer burner around 1,200W or less, and a power burner that's typically 2,000-3,000W or more. Ideally, the cooktop will give you the flexibility to simmer and melt as well as to sautee and quickly boil. Consider bridge elements and expandable elements for large pots or griddles if needed. A five burner cooktop often places the power burner in the center and gives you room for a large pot, but if you have a big pot in the middle there may not be a lot of space to use the other burners.

  • Other features to think about. Smoothtop electric cooktops are easy to clean, but pay attention to seams and ridges that might be difficult to clean if something spills. Do the knobs feel responsive? Do you want indicator lights? Are you looking for smart features, like the ability for the range hood to turn on automatically when the cooktop is on?

  • If you're replacing an existing cooktop: Double-check the dimensions and find out if the brand you're considering offers some type of Fit Guarantee (and how to comply with the rules of that guarantee). A Fit Guarantee will reimburse you a certain amount if cabinet modifications are needed to fit your new cooktop, assuming that you're replacing one 30" cooktop for another (so the guarantee won't apply if you're switching from a 30" to a 36" cooktop, for example). 



1. GE JP3030SJSS - $729

Let's start with a great model at the lower end of cooktop pricing - the GE JP3030SJSS, retailing at $729 (but you can find it for under $500 during promotional periods). This model is also available in black with matching black knobs and in white with a white cooktop surface and matching knobs. White cooktops are less common these days, so it could be the perfect replacement for an older white electric cooktop!

This ADA compliant model comes with four elements, including two 8" Power Boil elements (2,500W) and two 6" elements (1,200W). One 6" element has a Melt setting to gently melt delicate foods like chocolate, while the other has a Keep Warm setting for when you need very low heat. Unlike pricier models, you won't find features like a timer, dual elements, or bridge elements. It could be a great fit if you need a cheap replacement cooktop and don't need the latest features and technology.

If you're interested in a model with touch controls, check out the GE JP5030DJBB, retailing at $1,079. GE covers this model with a one year warranty, and the GE Fit Guarantee will reimburse you up to $100 towards cabinet modifications if it's not an exact replacement fit for a similar cooktop.


Click here to read over 20 real customer reviews of this product!


GE JP3030SJSS - $729

GE JP3030SJSS Electric Cooktop



2. KitchenAid KCED600GSS - $1,799

Do you need an electric cooktop with downdraft? First of all, check out our downdraft electric cooktop reviews for more options. Our most popular downdraft cooktop is the KitchenAid KCED600GSS, with four elements and a 3-speed 300 CFM downdraft vent that can also be converted to a ductless (AKA recirculating) vent. Downdraft vents don't work as well as ventilation above the cooktop surface - check out our ventilation buying guide for more info! This model cannot be installed above a wall oven.

This model is also available in a frameless design for $1,699. The four Even-Heat elements include a dual 6"/9" Ultra Power element (up to 3,000W), an Even-Heat Ultra 10" element, and two 6" elements (1,200W). There's also a hot surface light. The contrasting stainless steel knob controls look great, and include a knob to control the downdraft vent. 

KitchenAid offers a one year warranty covering parts and labor, plus parts-only coverage on select components for five years. If you already have a ventilation system and would prefer a model without downdraft, check out the KitchenAid KCES550HBL retailing at $1,199. 


Click here to read over 50 real customer reviews of this product!


KitchenAid KCED600GSS - $1,799

KitchenAid KCED600GSS Electric Cooktop with Downdraft



3. Frigidaire FFEC3025UB - $599

Did you move into a home with a cooktop that's seen better days? Sometimes you need an ultra-basic replacement model - in which case, Frigidaire has you covered with the Frigidaire FFEC3025UB, retailing at just $599. It's also available in stainless steel. The Frigidaire Fit Promise will reimburse up to $100 for cabinet modifications if this model doesn't fit in an existing 30" cooktop cutout.

There are four elements, including a 6"/9" Quick Boil SpaceWise expandable element (up to 3,000W), two 6" elements (1,200W), and a 9" element (2,500W). The basic black plastic knob controls aren't winning any beauty competitions but they get the job done. Markings around the knobs indicate Even-Heat simmer settings. 

Frigidaire covers this model with a one year parts and labor warranty. If you need a cheap electric cooktop, consider this Frigidaire model! It's one of the best electric cooktops under $600. If you need a cheap 36" cooktop, check out the Frigidaire FFEC3625UB at just $699. 


Frigidaire FFEC3025UB - $599

Frigidaire FFEC3025UB Electric Cooktop





4. Bosch NET8068SUC - $1,149

You might know Bosch for their dishwashers, but they make other great appliances, too! Bosch offers a 30" cooktop available with or without a stainless steel frame. The Bosch NET8068SUC, retailing at $1,149, is a nicely featured ADA compliant cooktop with smooth glass touch controls and plenty of helpful features.

Among the four elements you'll find that the two 7" elements (1,800W each) on the left can be bridged to handle griddles and other large cookware up to 17x10". There's also a dual 6"/9" element (up to 3,600W) and a 6" element (1,200W). The glass touch controls include a Clean Lock option to keep settings from being changed when cleaning the control panel, and a Child Lock option that keeps the cooktop from accidentally being switched on, or if the cooktop is in use then it locks the current temperature settings.

There are 9 power level settings for each element plus a Boost setting ideal for boiling water even faster than the highest power level. You can also set a cook timer for each element that will shut off the element once the cook time has elapsed - and there's a regular kitchen timer function as well. The two-level cooktop heat indicator will let you know if the cooktop is warm or hot.

This model is nicely featured compared to others at higher price points and is definitely one of the best electric cooktops under $1,500! Bosch covers it with a one year warranty. If you need a 36" model, check out the Bosch NET8668SUC.


Click here to read over 15 real customer reviews of this product!


Bosch NET8068SUC - $1,149

Bosch NET8068SUC Electric Cooktop



5. GE Profile PP9030DJBB - $1,399

Another great electric cooktop under $1,500 is the GE Profile PP9030DJBB. This model has five elements, glass touch controls, and is ADA compliant. You can find it in frameless black at $1,399 or framed in stainless steel at $1,499. The GE Fit Guarantee will reimburse up to $100 for cabinet modifications if this model doesn't fit an existing 30" cooktop cutout.

Among the five elements are two 7" SyncBurners bridge elements (1,500W each) for handling large cookware and griddles. There are also two dual elements - a 5"/8" element (up to 2,200W) and a 6"/9" Power Boil element (up to 3,100W). There's also a 6" element (1,200W). The glass touch controls include a control lock and a timer for individual elements.

If you often end up with a lot of pots and pans on the stove at once when you're cooking, a five element cooktop is a great idea. GE covers this model with a one year parts and labor warranty. The 36" version is the GE Profile PP9036DJBB.  


Click here to read over 20 real customer reviews of this product!


GE Profile PP9030DJBB - $1,399

GE Profile PP9030DJBB Electric Cooktop



That's it for our reviews of the best electric cooktops of 2020! All of the models in the $1,000+ range on our list include dual elements. If you want a five element cooktop, the GE Profile model (#5) is worth a look. KitchenAid (#2) offers a nice warranty, covering select parts for an additional four years after the basic one year warranty period has passed. For models under $1,000, check out Frigidaire (#3) and GE (#1). 

Which one of these models do you like best? Leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!

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