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The Electrolux Front Load Washer Lineup - Reviews, Features, Prices

Posted by Bob Allaire on May 5, 2023 8:15 AM
Bob Allaire
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If you are looking for a new front load washer, you should consider the Electrolux brand. The Electrolux name is known for excellence and quality, and their laundry equipment is no exception. Their line of front load washers introduced in 2018 are super-efficient and offer above-average cleaning performance and fabric care. These washers offer reliability, smooth and quiet operation, and cycles as short as 15 minutes.

In fall 2021, Electrolux updated four full size washer models with new control panels and even more upgraded features. Optic Whites and Pure Rinse are just a few of these new features. In this article featuring thorough Electrolux front load washer reviews, we'll go over the full 2021 model lineup and what upgrades you'll find as you move up to the high-end models. Prices range from $999-$1,249.

Don't overlook Electrolux when you are doing your research on new washers. Now, let’s dig in!




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What Do All Electrolux Washers Come With?

  • LuxCare Wash System: This system has gotten rave reviews. Each washer has a stainless steel drum with improved washing actions and load sensing. Combined with fine-tuned temperature control and cycle timing, Electrolux has created a washing machine with expert stain-fighting abilities and cleaning power while being gentle on fabrics.

  • Perfect Balance System/Second Floor Guarantee: The advanced anti-vibration technology is so good that Electrolux recommends their washers and dryers for second floor installations, and they back it up with their Second Floor Guarantee.

  • Reversible doors and 27" platforms: All Electrolux washers and dryers are 27" wide and have reversible doors for flexible installation even in small spaces.

  • Platinum Star Limited Warranty: Provides three years of coverage on parts and one year on labor, while many other brands may offer just one year of coverage on parts and labor.

  • 10-Year Washer Warranty: All washers come with a 10-year motor warranty and lifetime tub warranty for extra peace of mind.

  • Control panel with high contrast and bright lights: All new-for-2021 models have updated control panels. Electrolux has enhanced the contrast on the panels now, and they also have brighter lights. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, this makes it easier for you to check the active cycles and see how much time is left in your wash!

Electrolux ELFW7537AW Front Load Washer Control Panel


1. The Base Model - Electrolux ELFW7337AW - $999

First up in our reviews is the least expensive 300 series model. The Electrolux ELFW7337AW is now slightly larger than its old 4.3 cu ft counterpart - it now has 4.4 cu ft capacity, which is large enough to wash a king-sized comforter. This model is available in white at $999.

This washer also now offers a 20-minute fast wash, so if you’re in a rush, you can still quickly clean your items. The washer door is also reversible so it can fit more spaces. The Extended Refresh option allows you to keep your clothes fresh after the wash cycle even when you can’t get to the clothes right away. All in all, this model offers 7 wash cycles. The maximum spin speed is 1,100 RPM - not bad for a basic model!

If you’re looking for minimal features, you might want to check out this Electrolux model.


Cycles & Options:

  • 7 Cycles: Heavy Duty, Whites, Normal, Fast Wash (20 minutes), Delicates, Rinse & Spin, Clean Washer

  • 3 Options: Delay Start Time (1-12 Hours), Extended Refresh, Extra Rinse


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Electrolux ELFW7337AW - $999

Electrolux ELFW7337AW Front Load Washer 


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2. The Next Step Up Model - Electrolux ELFW7437AW - $1,049

Next is the Electrolux ELFW7437AW. At 4.5 cu. ft., it’s slightly larger than the basic 300 series model. This model is available in color white at $1,049. The 2021 version of this model also has a redesigned door with chrome accents for that modern look.

The 400 series now includes the Adaptive Dispenser that accepts detergent pods as well as liquid or powder detergents for a powerful clean. The old model offered 20-minute fast washing, but this model now lets you wash in 18 minutes! It also comes with an internal water heater and a Sanitize option for removing bacteria. Even better, you also get the Perfect Steam option that boosts stain-fighting power with steam that rises from the bottom of the washer to thoroughly penetrate fabrics. The Stain Treat option lets you gently but effectively wash your items that are usually stained, with ideal temperature, tumbling actions, and cycle time. For this model, the maximum spin speed is 1,300 RPM. 


Watch Our Quick Video on the Adaptive Dispenser Below!



If you don’t mind spending $50 more for lots of additional features, take a look at this model! 


Cycles & Options:

  • 7 Cycles: Heavy Duty, Whitest Whites, Normal, Fast Wash (18 minutes), Delicates, Rinse & Spin, Clean Washer

  • 6 Options: Delay Start Time (1-12 Hours), Extended Refresh, Extra Rinse, plus: Perfect Steam, Stain Treat, Steam


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Electrolux ELFW7437AW - $1,049

Electrolux ELFW7437AW Front Load Washer



3. The Mid-Tier Model - Electrolux ELFW7537AW - $1,149 

For just $100 more, you reach the next tier of Electrolux's washer and dryer offerings. The Electrolux ELFW7537AW 4.5 cubic feet model has a few upgrades compared to the 400 series model. It's available in white at $1,149 or titanium for $1,249.

This washer includes additional cycles for Activewear, Colors, and Towels plus a 15-minute Fast Wash. The options have been expanded as well. It features Stain Treat II for an even higher level of stain removal technology for set-in stains as well as the NSF-certified Allergen option for removing allergens from your towels and beddings. Want to avoid irritated skin from detergents and fragrances? You might like the new Pure Rinse option - it rinses your clothes cleaner than the extra rinse option. The Soil Level selector includes an option for Solid Soil to handle seriously dirty loads. 

Like the 400 series model, this option comes with the POD-compatible Adaptive Dispenser. 


Cycles & Options:

  • 10 Cycles: Heavy Duty, Whitest Whites, Normal, Delicates, Rinse & Spin, Clean Washer, plus: Fast Wash (15 minutes), Activewear, Colors, Towels

  • 8 Options: Delay Start Time (1-12 Hours), Extended Refresh, Extra Rinse, Perfect Steam, Steam, plus: StainTreat II, Pure Rinse, Allergen


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Electrolux ELFW7537AW - $1,149

Electrolux ELFW7537AW Front Load Washer-1



4. The Premium Model - Electrolux ELFW7637BW - $1,249 

Take it to the next level with the premium front load washer model Electrolux ELFW7637BW retailing at around $1,249 in white or $1,349 in titanium. 

Electrolux's Smart Boost technology has impressed consumers: this system premixes water and detergent before the cycle begins to maximize your detergent's cleaning power, adding to this washer's stain-removal strength. Rather than Stain Treat, this model features StainSoak so you no longer need to pretreat: it uses the Smart Boost tech to premix water, detergent, and stain remover for a powerful yet gentle cleaning solution, then soaks the load with it before automatically starting the cycle. Also, with the combination of the Smart Boost tech, rinsing, the use of optimal water temperature, and improved agitation, the new and exclusive Optic Whites cycle can help keep your white clothes looking clean and new longer, better than normal cycles with bleach. This redesigned version of Whitest Whites cycle helps prevent the redeposition of soils, dirt, and other residues.

Like the previous model, the Fast Wash cycle is also for 15 minutes, and it also comes with the Adaptive Dispenser. You also get the Pure Rinse option here. Consider this model if you want a washer that is feature-packed!


Cycles & Options:

  • 11 Cycles: Heavy Duty, Normal, Delicates, Rinse & Spin, Clean Washer, Fast Wash (15 minutes), Activewear, Colors, Towels, plus: Optic Whites, Hand Wash

  • 8 Options: Delay Start Time (1-12 Hours), Extended Refresh, Extra Rinse, Perfect Steam, Steam, Pure Rinse, plus: Stain Soak, Allergen


Electrolux ELFW7637BW - $1,249 

Electrolux ELFW7637BW Front Load Washer


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Features Comparison

  • Base Model: 4.4 cu. ft. capacity, available in white only, 20-minute Fast Wash, 7 cycles and 3 options (including Extended Refresh option)

  • Next Step Up Model: 4.5 cu. ft. capacity, available in white only, 18-minute Fast Wash, Adaptive Dispenser, 7 cycles and 6 options (with added Perfect Steam, Stain Treat, Steam options)

  • Mid-Tier Model: 4.5 cu. ft. capacity, available in white and titanium, 15-minute Fast Wash, Adaptive Dispenser, 11 cycles and 7 options (with added Activewear, Colors, Towels, and Allergen cycles and StainTreat II and Pure Rinse options)

  • Premium Model: 4.5 cu. ft. capacity, available in white and titanium, 15-minute Fast Wash, Adaptive Dispenser, 12 cycles and 7 options (with added Optic Whites and Hand Wash cycles and Stain Soak option), Electrolux's Smart Boost technology for stain removal


We hope this overview of the Electrolux washer lineup helped you decide whether this brand is right for your needs. They have a lot of fans, and we think the hype is justified! Check out some of those customer reviews or head on out to the store and take a look at these models in person.

If you have any questions or something you'd like to share, please leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in February of 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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