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The Professional Gas Range - Info & 4 High End Range Reviews

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Mar 29, 2021 9:00 AM
Jeff Allaire

Professional Gas Range - KitchenAid KFDC500JSS


If you've been out looking at professional or pro ranges for your kitchen and are astounded by the prices, we have some good news for you. Many consumers want the power and looks of a professional gas range, but when they start looking at the prices of pro ranges from companies like Wolf, Viking, and Thermador, they quickly change their minds. 

If you want one of these true professional ranges from an ultra premium manufacturer, you're going to have to pay the premium price! However, you can find some great models with MSRPs under $6,000. We'll go over some interesting options on the market today - there are a broad spectrum of options available, from true commercial ranges outfitted for residential use to models that have the pro range look but not as many commercial features.

(If you're looking for more information on choosing a new gas or electric range, check out our range buying guide!)


Table of Contents

  1. What is a Professional Gas Range?
  2. Product Reviews


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What is a Professional Gas Range?

Professional ranges are defined mostly by their appearance, and the category can be a bit vague. Generally, they are ranges with high BTU burners and a commercial kitchen look. They are usually all-gas or dual fuel with an electric oven. Some consumers prefer form over function, and the look is more important than the true professional cooking capabilities - unless, of course, you're a gourmet chef! They are usually 36" or 48" wide with six or more burners, although there are some models available in 30" and even 24" widths. Most dual fuel models cost at least $7,000, while all-gas pro ranges can start at around $6,000.

Slide-in ranges can offer a more commercial look in a 30" width if space is limited, and many high-end slide-in ranges have the pro range style, although they lack the pro range power.

Typically, a professional gas range combines the following:

  • At least one 18,000-25,000 BTU high-output burner

  • Heavy-duty commercial styling and materials

  • Commercial features like simplified controls and open burners rather than sealed burners

  • A gas oven, usually with fan convection (click the link to learn more about convection)

  • Or an electric oven, usually with true convection

It's worth noting that you should check if your ventilation system can keep up with a pro range. You will likely need a range hood rather than the lower-powered, less effective over the range microwave, and the hood should match the stove's width as well. A ductless/recirculating range hood also won't cut it - you'll need ducting! The basic formula for how many CFM you'll need is 100 CFM for every 10,000 BTUs the range can put out. You can read more about this in our ventilation buying guide.

Some of the brands offering professional and "professional-style" gas and dual fuel ranges include:

  • Cafe, GE's high-end line with matte finishes and custom hardware

  • Fisher & Paykel, a New Zealand-based company focused on gorgeous innovative designs

  • Bertazzoni, a family-owned Italian company specializing in engineered cooking ranges since 1882

  • Capital, a niche luxury brand which offers true commercial ranges for residential use

  • Other luxury brands like BlueStar, Wolf, and Thermador

Typically, "mainstream" brands like KitchenAid and GE offer pro ranges that focus on aesthetics but are otherwise not too different from a typical freestanding gas or dual fuel range. Fisher & Paykel offers professional-style high-powered gas ranges. At one point in time, Frigidaire offered a 36" wide pro style range retailing for under $4,000, but it was discontinued in 2019. 

Next, we'll review four professional ranges across the spectrum to help you explore some of your options!


(Pictured below: Rest in peace, Frigidaire FGGF3685TS...)

Professional Gas Range - Frigidaire Pro Range FGGF3685TS




Product Reviews

In the following four product reviews, we try to distinguish the different models based on how much the product emphasizes pro features - so a model that has some pro features but leans towards being a more traditional range is "commercial-style" while model that leans more heavily towards commercial features is a "professional range." Our reviews are more or less arranged starting with "commercial style" ranges and working our way up to the "true pro range" category. You may disagree with our rankings - the differences can be somewhat nebulous when you're focusing on brands that aren't BlueStar, Wolf, etc! 

Click the links below to skip to the review you're interested in:


1. KitchenAid KDRS467VMW - 36" Dual Fuel Commercial-Style Range - $7,699

As of this writing, KitchenAid appears to be revamping their lineup of 30" wide commercial ranges, some of the few options on the market available for under $6,000. They offer 36" 6-burner commercial style ranges in a few different colors, including Imperial White, Misty Blue, Cobalt Blue, and Signature Red.

The KitchenAid KDRS467VMW has six gas burners and a 5.1 cubic foot capacity electric convection oven. It retails at a lower price than Capital's 36" professional ranges, but the burner setup and electronic touch control panel make it more of a residential range than a commercial range.

The gas stove includes two 20,000 BTU Ultra Power Dual Flame burners plus a 5,000 BTU melt/simmer burner that reduces to 500 BTUs for a true low simmer. The self-cleaning oven has KitchenAid's EvenHeat True Convection, with two heavy-duty standard racks and one gliding roll-out rack. The touch controls let you select specialized convection modes, set timers, and more. 

If you love the commercial style but like the features and options of residential ranges, this could be a great option for you. KitchenAid also offers 48" commercial-style models starting at around $11,000. KitchenAid covers this model with a standard one-year parts and labor warranty plus five years parts only on the electric element, solid state touch control system, and any gas burner. This model has a high star rating on KitchenAid's website - 90% of the reviews are 4-5 stars as of this writing!


KitchenAid KDRS467VMW - $7,699

KitchenAid KDRS467VMW 36 Inch Professional Gas Range Dual Fuel



2. Cafe CGS700P4MW2 - 30" All-Gas Commercial-Style Range - $3,299

Cafe is GE's high-end line, and this all-gas model shows off the line's commercial-inspired style. It's available in matte white, matte black, or stainless steel, and you can choose from four hardware colors (read more about Cafe finishes here). This model features commercial styling with front control knobs and a backlit glass touch control panel. You also get a six-burner cooktop and an integrated griddle for versatility!

The 5.6 cubic foot oven features True Convection with Precise Air plus a temperature probe and "never scrub" racks. The stovetop features an ultra-powerful 21,000 BTU Tri-Ring burner for searing plus a 15,000 BTU power burner for boiling water quickly. 

This model also features Wi-Fi connectivity with GE Chef Connect. Overall, this model is really a high-end residential range with commercial styling. As a result, it's more affordable than most true commercial and luxury brands. It comes with a one year parts and labor warranty. Cafe has made a few 36" ranges that were more heavy-duty, but they are being discontinued as of early 2021. 


Cafe CGS700P4MW2 - $3,299

Cafe CGS700P4MW2 Range



3. Bertazzoni MAST365GASXE - 36" All-Gas Professional Range with Analogue Oven Gauge - $3,998

Some people turn to professional ranges in part because they distrust electronic controls or have had bad experiences with residential ranges. Bertazzoni is a family-owned Italian brand known for making stoves with dashing good looks - but they're also a great fit for people who love the experience of cooking and baking. Although not fully analogue, the Bertazzoni MAST365GASXE has a significant difference from almost all residential ranges on the market: it has an analogue oven temperature gauge rather than a digital panel. If you like to "set it and forget it," this is likely not a good fit for you - but a properly calibrated Bertazzoni can be a joy to use.

On top, you'll find five sealed Monobloc aluminum burners with different BTU outputs: a 19,000 BTU dual ring flame power burner, a large 10,400 BTU burner, two medium 5,900 BTU burners, and a 750-3,500 BTU simmer burner that actually succeeds at simmering rather than boiling, according to customers. 

The 5.9 cubic foot oven includes an infrared broiler and dual horizontal convection fans on the back wall. Many customers have found that the temperature gauge is accurate when compared against gauges placed inside of the oven cavity. The soft-motion door resists slamming shut, and the edge-to-edge interior glass door boosts oven capacity while being easy to clean.

Bertazzoni covers this range with a full two year parts and labor warranty, and the product and packaging are 99% recyclable. The sharp lines and counter depth design will look gorgeous in your kitchen, too! If you take joy from a hands-on experience when cooking, this Bertazzoni range could be a great fit.


Bertazzoni MAST365GASXE - $3,998

Bertazzoni MAST365GASXE Professional Gas Range 36



4. Capital MCOR304L - 30" Professional Gas Range with Open Burners - $4,539

You can find Capital ranges on TV shows like Chopped and Top Chef - this American-made brand offers truly commercial ranges for residential use. The Capital MCOR304L (LP version) and MCOR304N (natural gas version) are standout 30" pro ranges from the Capital Culinarian line available in 10 standard colors along with stainless steel, and even custom color options. The Culinarian line features all gas ranges with open burners. For sealed burners, check out the Precision line, and the Connoisseurian line offers dual fuel. If you want a self clean oven with a rotisserie, check out the Capital CGSR304L at $7,199!

The 4.9 cubic foot oven is manual clean and can fit a restaurant-size baking sheet. Convection and an infrared 18,000 BTU broiler with Inconel Mesh construction help you get the cooking results you crave, and the heavy-duty construction is obvious in the racks, door hinges, and titanium speck porcelain interior. There are no digital controls, gauges, clocks, or timers on this model!

The stovetop features three 25,000 BTU open burners that can all be turned down to a true simmer, plus an 8,000 BTU small pan burner that can be turned down for an extra low simmer. Capital's open top burner design features semi-sealed burner pans and pullout trays beneath the burners to make cleaning up easier. 

Capital covers their products with a two-year warranty, plus an additional five years of parts on burners, heating elements, grates, and stainless steel sheet metal body parts. If you're looking for a nicely warrantied commercial-duty range for your home, Capital is definitely a brand to consider!


Capital MCOR304L - $4,539

Capital MCOR304L Professional Gas Range from BE website





This is just a hint of the options when it comes to professional gas ranges! If you want to dig into more nitty-gritty research, community forums on websites like Houzz as well as seeing these products in person and in action can be a help. We've focused on brands that we carry, so that's why we didn't touch on other great brands like BlueStar.

Are you on the search for a pro range? Leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in February of 2018 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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