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2020 Updates to the Speed Queen TR Washers & Dryers

Posted by Meredith Czymmek on Jul 27, 2020 1:57 PM
Meredith Czymmek

Speed Queen 2020 Updates - Speed Queen Lifestyle Image DR5


This spring, Speed Queen updated the TR lineup - the TR3000 is now the TR3003, the TR5000 is now the TR5003, and the TR7000 is now the TR7003. They've also updated the DR3, DR5, and DC5 dryers. Here you'll find what they tweaked for this series of models.


The TR Washers

For the TR3003WN, Speed Queen replaced the "Extra Rinse" button with a "Heavy Soil" button, and mixed the Extra Rinse option into the load size dial. The "Medium" load size has been eliminated, so the new load size options are Small, Large, Auto Fill, and Auto Fill Extra Rinse. The new Heavy Soil option adds about 20 minutes of agitation onto the cycle, and it use additional agitation time to tackle tough stains.

  TR3000WN TR3003WN
Load Size Selections Small, Medium, Large, Auto Fill Small, Large, Auto Fill, Auto Fill Extra Rinse
Options Extra Rinse Heavy Soil


For the TR5003WN, Speed Queen did a similar adjustment: there is now a Heavy Soil option instead of a dedicated Extra Rinse option. Additionally, the top spin speed is higher when using the Spin Only cycle if the Heavy Soil option is selected - 820 RPM rather than 500 RPM. Again, the Heavy Soil option adds about 20 minutes of agitation onto the cycle.

  TR5000WN TR5003WN
Load Size Selections Small, Medium, Large, Auto Fill Small, Large, Auto Fill, Auto Fill Extra Rinse
Options Extra Rinse Heavy Soil



For the TR7003WN, the look of the control panel isn't changing, but they did fine-tune the cycles for improved stain-fighting power.

  • Adjusted times for the "Max" soil level vs the "Heavy" soil level (the "Max" soil setting is equivalent to the Heavy Soil option on the TR3 and TR5)

  • The Normal, Eco, Warm, and Max Soil cycles were adjusted for improved stain fighting

  • The Heavy Duty cycle defaults to 45 minutes and a "Medium" soil level, but the cycle time will increase for "Heavy" and "Max" soil levels

  • For the Rinse & Spin and Spin cycles, the default spin speed is 820 RPM with "Max Soil" selected - spin speed is 500 RPM if "Max Soil" is turned off


Wash Cycle Improvements - Heavy Soil Option

The Heavy Soil option (Max Soil on the TR7) adds 21 minutes of agitation to the selected cycle.  So for example, the default Heavy Duty cycle usually takes 45 minutes, but with the Heavy Soil option selected, the cycle is 66 minutes.

Further adjustments to the Normal Eco cycle with the Heavy Soil option on the TR3/5 and Normal Eco with Max Soil on the TR7 are designed to improve stainfighting power as well. Adding the Heavy/Max Soil option to the Normal Eco cycle results in a unique multi-temperature wash. It starts with an 8-minute soak in cold water, then adds hot water and completes a 12-minute prewash before the main cycle begins. The total cycle time is 70 minutes.

To read more about the Speed Queen washer platform, check out our Speed Queen washer reviews!


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The DR Dryers

Speed Queen has also adjusted the DR dryer series - the DR3, DR5, and DC5 models. While they still use a reliable true mechanical timer, they've made the following improvements:

  • The timer can now be turned in either direction (the previous timer was unidirectional)

  • There is now a push to start button that matches the washer aesthetics

  • The dryer buzzer now sounds a few times in the last 2 minutes of the cycle so you'll notice the cycle is ending

Plus, these dryers now come with new wire harnesses with connection blocks to make service easier. That's what we love about Speed Queen - they're designed to be reliable, but when things eventually wear out, they're easy to replace.

To find out more about their dryers, check out our Speed Queen dryer reviews.



We hoped this helped answer the question of why you may be seeing new Speed Queen model numbers! Please leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!

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