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Stove Sizes - Typical Range Dimensions & Other Factors to Consider

Posted by Meredith Czymmek on Dec 30, 2020 11:42 AM
Meredith Czymmek

Stove Sizes - 24, 30, 36 Inch Ranges


If you're researching a kitchen remodel, replacing an old stove with dimensions that aren't common today, or are dealing with various other factors, stove sizes might be on your mind. Today the typical range dimensions are relatively standard and are classified by their widths, but if you're concerned about height and depth as well, you'll find some variation. We'll go over the major stove sizes available and the typical dimensions of each, plus other factors to consider.

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Table of Contents

  1. Apartment Sized Stoves
  2. Standard Sized Stoves (Freestanding and Slide-In)
  3. Professional Ranges
  4. Other Factors to Consider
  5. Stove Sizes Cheat Sheet


Find out more about choosing a new range in our video!






Apartment Sized Stoves

Designed with small spaces in mind, apartment sized stoves can be as narrow as 20" wide or up to 24" wide. There are some high-end models, such as 24" smoothtop electric ranges, but many are priced for budget installations with basic features. Depth is typically around 24-26", not including the handle. Height varies depending on whether there is a backguard or not. The height from the floor to the cooktop surface is typically around 34-36", but overall height can be around 44" including a backguard.


Above the Fold Image 24 Inch Electric Range Smooth Top Models






Standard Sized Stoves

The most common stove size is 30 inches wide. The overall height varies depending on the height of the backguard, but the height from the floor to the burners is typically around 36". Depths can vary from around 25" to 28", not including the oven handle. Double check the details of the dimensions if you're browsing online, since sometimes manufacturers may list the total depth including the handle as the depth, or the depth including just the oven door.


Range Buying Guide_Whirlpool WFE775H0HZ Freestanding Range Electric_Cropped


Today's countertops are typically 25-26" deep, and ranges are designed with that in mind. If you want a truly flush installation, you may have to consider a wall oven and cooktop combo, because most ranges are designed to have the oven door and handle "sit proud" of the cabinets - i.e., they're designed to stick out. Select wall ovens are designed to be mounted flush with the cabinetry, while others can be flush mounted with some cabinet modifications (read more about wall oven dimensions here).

Slide in ranges that have front controls and no backguard will typically be close to 36.5" tall and are also usually 30" wide. Although older slide-ins commonly had a rim around the cooktop that overlapped the countertop on either side for a built-in look, this feature is less common today among mainstream appliance brands. Old slide-ins also used to be shallower than the typical countertop and required a filler piece behind the cooktop. Today, many slide-ins are full-depth (so around 25-28") and don't require this filler piece.


Range Buying Guide_Samsung NX58H9500WS Slide In Range Gas


If you need a range that's closer to 25" deep or need to meet some other design "quirk" in your kitchen, talking to an experienced salesperson is a great first step! For example, as of this writing Samsung's ranges tend to be on the shallower side.






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Professional Ranges

A professional range may be 36" or even 48" wide. In the past, 40" wide models were available in both gas and electric, but today you're very unlikely to find those models from mainstream brands. These wide models usually have premium commercial-inspired styling and tons of cooking power. Most models available today are gas or dual fuel rather than electric. As of this writing, Fisher & Paykel is one manufacturer offering a 36" wide electric range - an induction model. 

If you're trying to replace a 40 inch wide stove, you may have to consider adding new cabinets or installing "filler" pieces to accommodate a 30" or 36" wide replacement model. Of course, you could also look for a restoration specialist to see if your current model's lifespan can be prolonged, or keep an eye out for vintage models being sold locally. Depending on your situation, some options may be more cost-effective than others.


Above the Fold Image - Professional Gas Range - KitchenAid KDRS467VSS 36 inch range


Retailers that focus on high-end appliances are more likely to have these wide stoves available in the store for you to see in person. We have many 36" and 48" ranges available by special order. Premier is one brand we carry that continues to offer budget 36" gas ranges available starting at around $729 MSRP for open burner models (sealed burner models are more expensive).







Other Factors to Consider

Manufacturers have recommended clearances included with the installation instructions that are, of course, important for safety reasons and to ensure the optimal performance of your stove. Required clearances at the rear and on either side of the stove can be around 0.5-1", but a lot of options today don't require any side clearance. An example clearances diagram is shown below.

Range Installation Clearance Example 2


Pay attention to those height clearances and cabinet depth requirements as well if you're changing up your kitchen cabinets. We thought this article was a nice primer on kitchen design best practices and safety requirements to consider!

If you're building a new kitchen or doing an extensive remodel, there are requirements for the location of the stove that must be met for safety purposes - for example, how close the stove is to a window. You should also be thinking about ventilation - do you want a dedicated range hood or a microwave hood combo? Check out our ventilation buying guide for more info!



Stove Sizes Cheat Sheet

  Overall Height* Width**


Apartment Sized 34-44" 20-24" 24-26"
Standard - Freestanding 46-49" 30" 24-28"
Standard - Slide-In 36-38" 30" 24-28"
Professional 35-40" 36-48" 26-31"


*The height from the floor to the cooking surface is typically about 36" for most models. Overall height includes backguards in freestanding models, and in slide-ins it includes cooktop rims or oven ventilation areas at the rear of the cooktop. Apartment sized ranges can be found in slide-in styles with front controls and either no backguard or a very small lip at the rear, as well as the more common backguard control style.

**Width can vary slightly from the "standards" of 20/24/30/36/48 inches by +/- 0.5" or so.

***Depth excluding the oven handle.


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We hope this overview of stove sizes and dimensions was helpful! If you have any questions or even some little-known tips for dealing with funky countertops and other issues, leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

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