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Wall Oven Dimensions - Finding a Compatible Replacement Model

Posted by Bob Allaire on Apr 8, 2022 9:00 AM
Bob Allaire
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If you are in the market for a new wall oven, one of the challenges can be finding a wall oven with the same dimensions as your existing oven. Wall oven dimensions vary among manufacturers and typically range between 24" and 30", with 30" electric models being the most popular followed by 27" electric. One of the most challenging wall oven dimensions to work with in terms of replacement is 24" for both electric and gas. We have some tips for understanding wall oven dimensions and more!

Table of Contents

  1. Wall Oven Sizes Explained
  2. Tips for Finding a Compatible Replacement
  3. "Hidden" Costs to be Aware Of
  4. CHECK HERE for Minimum Cutout Dimensions from Different Brands
  5. Fit Guarantees


Wall Oven Sizes Explained

  • Wall ovens can be 24", 27", or 30" wide, and a few brands now make 36" options as well. The 30" is most common, followed by the 27". However, wall ovens in any width category can require different dimensions for the cabinetry cutout, which is why it's important to do the (admittedly annoying) prep work of measuring first!

  • 24" models are typically around 2-3 cubic feet of capacity, while 30" models can be up to about 5 cubic feet.

  • The wall oven's overall width is different from the cavity width. The wall oven's front overlaps the cutout area.

  • Older wall ovens tend to have smaller exterior dimensions, so it's important not to assume the width and other measurements!

  • Single wall ovens are typically around 30" tall, while double wall ovens may be 53" or more.

  • Most wall ovens today are designed with a 24" "standard" counter depth. For older installations, you'll want to verify the depth of your cabinet to make sure yours are "standard."


Tips for Finding a Compatible Replacement Wall Oven

  • The easiest way to replace your wall oven is to go for the same brand and width as your previous model.

  • Measure the cutout space for your wall oven. Then compare it to the "Installation Instructions" for the wall ovens you're considering to see if the cutout dimensions match. If a cutout is slightly too large for the wall oven you want, this may be workable. If it is too small or over an inch larger on either side, it may not be a good fit. 

  • Most cabinets are a standard 24" deep, and most wall ovens are sized with that taken into consideration. If you have an older home or custom built cabinets, it's worth the extra effort to check that you have enough depth available for your new model!

  • If you are considering a larger model, note how wide the overall cabinet is.

  • Most wall ovens come with 1" trim kits, but wider trim kits are also available if you need to cover up a larger cutout.


Here's what I do to find possible compatible wall ovens based on cutout dimensions. This does NOT replace talking to a professional, but will help you figure out what options are potentially available.

  1. Go to the website of the business I want to buy from. I go to the Wall Ovens section of their website and select the width of wall oven I need if possible (24/27/30 inch). (I would rather do this than use their search bar. By going to the specific page labeled "wall ovens" and narrowing down my search from there, I make sure I'm getting ALL of the options and not accidentally filtering something out.)
  2. From the options that show up, I pick at least one model from each brand and download the installation instructions for each model. This is usually a PDF available on the product page on the website. The installation instructions will list the cutout dimensions.
    1. Make sure you are referencing the cutout dimensions, not the wall oven's dimensions. Some brands also will list dimensions for multiple wall oven types and widths, so make sure you're looking at the right set of measurements.
  3. I disqualify models if their minimum cutout width/height/depth is greater than my cutout W/H/D. I can come back to them later if necessary, but right now what I care about is finding a wall oven that requires a cutout that is the same size or smaller than my cutout. (It's easier to add some filler around the wall oven edges than it is to alter your cabinetry!)
    1. Ex: My cutout width is 25". One wall oven manual says it needs a minimum cutout width of 25.25", so I will disqualify it from consideration for now.
  4. You should double check your results with a professional before clicking "buy now." For example, sometimes there are errors in the install manuals, or there's a risk that the wrong manual was attached to the product page.

It can be tedious, but it's nice to be informed about your options!


Below is GE's guide to measuring for a new wall oven! You can also read a version of this walkthrough here.



Minimum Cutout Dimensions for Various Wall Ovens

You can expect that wall ovens of the same type (single/double) and width (ex: 30") from the same brand will have similar if not identical cutout requirements, but always check the Owner's Manual or Installation Guide to confirm.

On our website, you can find these materials under the Documents tab for a model.


30" Double Wall Ovens (Electric)

The smallest dimensions have been highlighted in green where applicable.

  Minimum Cutout Height Minimum Cutout Width Minimum Cutout Depth
KitchenAid KODE500ESS 51 7/16" is "recommended"

28 7/8"

25 3/8"
GE PTD7000SNSS 51 13/16" with pedestal, 50 1/4"  without 28 1/2" 23 1/2"
Frigidaire Professional FPET3077RF 48 1/2" 28 1/2" 24"
LG LWD3063ST 51 13/16" 28 1/2" 23 1/2"
Whirlpool WOD77EC0HS 50 1/4" is "recommended" 28 1/2" 24"
Bosch HBL8651UC 49 3/4" 28 1/2" 23 1/2"


30" Single Wall Ovens (Electric)

The smallest dimensions have been highlighted in green where applicable.

  Minimum Cutout Height Minimum Cutout Width Minimum Cutout Depth
KitchenAid KOSE500ESS 28" is "recommended" 28 1/2" 24"
GE JTS5000SNSS 27 1/4" 28 1/2" 23 1/2"
Frigidaire FCWS3027AS 26 3/4" 28 1/2" 23 1/2"
LG LWS3063ST 28 15/16" 28 1/2" 23 1/2"
Whirlpool WOS31ES0JS 28" is "recommended" 28 1/2" 24"
Bosch HBL5451UC 28 1/4" 28 1/2" 23 1/2"


24" and 27" Wall Ovens (Electric)

The smallest dimensions have been highlighted in green where applicable for 27" models and blue where applicable for 24" models.

The main brands offering 24" and 27" wall ovens are: Frigidaire, Bosch, GE, and Whirlpool/KitchenAid.

  Minimum Cutout Height Minimum Cutout Width
Minimum Cutout Depth
27" models
GE JKS3000SNSS 27 5/8" 25 1/4" 23 1/2"
Frigidaire Gallery FGEW276SPF 27 1/4" 24 7/8" 24"
KitchenAid KOSE507ESS 28 1/2" is "recommended" 25 7/8" 25"
24" models
Bosch HBE5453UC 23 1/16" 22 1/8" 23 1/2"
KitchenAid KOSC504ESS 27 3/4" 22 1/2" 23 1/4"
Frigidaire FFEW2426US 28" 22" 23 1/2"
Whirlpool WOS52ES4MZ 27 3/4" 22 5/8" 23 1/4"



"Hidden Costs" to Be Aware Of:

  • Relocating a junction box (for hardwired ovens) or gas line - A new wall oven, especially if it is from a different brand than your old one, may not fit around where the current junction box/gas line is placed. 

  • Other electrical adjustments - If your old wall oven was plugged in rather than hardwired, for example, local codes may require it to be hardwired when you replace it. In some cases, replacing a particularly old wall oven may require other changes to the wiring - Talk to your contractor or electrician about this issue.

  • Cabinet modifications - We'll go over "fit guarantees" below that can help with this, but these guarantees aren't "guaranteed" to cover all of the costs of installing a new wall oven!



Fit Guarantees & the Frigidaire Fit Tool

Some brands like GE Appliances offer "fit guarantees" that mean you can get costs covered to a certain extent if your cabinets need to be professionally modified to fit a wall oven that was expected to be compatible with your existing space. Typically the amount they'll cover is $300. Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Electrolux, Samsung, and Frigidaire are additional brands that offer "fit guarantees" for their wall ovens as of this writing. Once you've chosen your new wall oven, make sure to look into the requirements for qualifying for these fit guarantees. For example, you will likely need to have information on hand like the model number and serial number of the previous wall oven, you may be required to provide photos, and the guarantee may only apply to certain sizes of wall oven.

Frigidaire once offered the Frigidaire Fit Tool when this blog was initially published in 2017, which would take the model number of your existing wall oven, regardless of brand, and return a list of new Frigidaire wall ovens that would meet your needs. Frigidaire no longer offers this tool but they have joined other brands providing the "fit guarantee."

We hope you enjoyed this article and will find the tool useful for you in shopping for your next wall oven. Please leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


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Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in February of 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

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