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Discover Frigidaire Gallery’s 2021 Wall Oven - 10+ New Cooking Modes!

Posted by Jeff Allaire on Apr 13, 2022 8:30 AM
Jeff Allaire


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Are you a kitchen explorer who loves to try different cooking styles and is on the lookout for an oven that can go with the flow and provide the modes and options you need? You might want to look at Frigidaire’s new and enhanced wall oven lineup that came out in late 2021 into 2022. Frigidaire Gallery introduces a way to experience more cooking modes in just one appliance instead of buying a specialized appliance for just one or two functions!

Frigidaire, as a part of Electrolux, was founded in 1918. They are known for innovations like an oven with AirFry and offer well-designed kitchen appliances at competitive prices. If you appreciate affordable products with an aesthetic look, this is the best brand for you.  

The Frigidaire, Frigidaire Gallery, and Frigidaire Professional are their "house of brands," and Frigidaire Gallery has a lot of options if you value a stylish design and unique functionality.


Table of Contents

  1. New Features
  2. New Cooking Modes
  3. Review: Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF - 30" Double Wall Oven




New Features

  • Easier Installation. Installing a built-in appliance can be difficult, but Frigidaire's wall ovens are designed to be easier to install. They have also decreased the weight of new units for additional convenience. Each unit includes a complete installation guide, and if necessary, some units include additional installation tools to fit your slot. (Know more about wall oven dimensions here!)

  • Frigidaire Fit Promise. Frigidaire designed their new wall ovens to be universal replacements for any wall oven with the same width. However, Frigidaire also offers a reimbursement of up to $300 if your old space needs cabinet modification to fit the unit. 

  • Reduced Fan Noise. It is peaceful to have a super quiet oven while cooking your favorite dishes. Frigidaire Gallery uses a single heavy-duty, 11-blade convection fan and a convection cover that reduces fan noise. Compared to its competitors that offer units at 45 decibels, Frigidaire Gallery’s new wall oven operates at only 38 decibels, which is whisper-quiet like you are in a library! A decibel level is a unit of measurement of noise you might have seen on dishwashers. 

  • Total Convection. You might have heard something about convection before, but Total Convection is slightly different from a regular oven with convection, especially with Frigidaire Gallery’s most powerful and advanced convection system ever. It comes with a versatile dual-speed motor that powers more cooking modes and maximizes your cooking experience by having one appliance but has more functions! Learn more about these functions in the latter part of this review. It also has a 3800-watt heating element that can be set to temperatures as low as 100°.

  • Handle. These new models from Frigidaire and Frigidaire Gallery have almost the same handle; the only difference is that the ends are clipped off with an accent piece.


Watch this video to know more!


  • Larger Capacity. During holidays or family get-togethers, it's sometimes annoying if your oven doesn't have enough space to cook your special dish– like turkey every Thanksgiving. But with these new Frigidaire and Frigidaire Gallery ovens, you will surely maximize the space at ease. Wall oven capacities are usually 4.3 to 5.0 cubic feet for 30" wide models. Frigidaire gives you extra space with 5.3 cubic foot capacity.

  • Glide Rack. Moving heavy items is challenging, but with this Frigidaire Gallery glide rack, you can now enjoy the comfort and flexibility you never thought you'd need. This feature makes it easy to transfer heavy things in and out of your oven.



New Cooking Modes

  • Air Fry. Do you love eating your favorite fried food but want to feel guilt-free? Air Fry would be perfect for you!. It is best for those who love eating healthy options that are just simply made at home! It uses intense heat to make foods crispy while using less oil than frying. We wrote something about Frigidaire’s Air Fry here. Feel free to check it to know more about this feature.  

  • Air Sous Vide. If you're a person who always loves to keep the flavor and nutrients of each dish, you might like this feature. It’s best for salmon!--It uses the right temperature and airflow to preserve the flavor and lock the moisture by slowly cooking the dishes.

    Feature Image - Frigidaire Air Sous Vide

  • No Preheat. Baking is now easier than ever with No Preheat! Without waiting for your oven to heat up or ready it beforehand, you can simply put your dish in the oven, and it will be ready to go–such a convenience!

  • Slow Cook. Why take up counter space with a slow cooker when you can use your oven? The Slow Cook mode uses consistent “low and slow” temperatures to tenderize tough meats and unlock delicious flavors. You can now feel confident that overcooking and undercooking your food will be prevented. Slowly cooking your dish at a low temperature keeps the flavor and moisture by maintaining a good outcome. This feature is somewhat like Air Sous Vide. 

  • Steam Bake. Achieve chef-like cookies and muffins easily! This feature uses evenly distributed steam to make your pastries light and fluffy. 

  • Steam Roast. Get tender meats and crispy veggies on the way with steam roasting! It uses moisture to get the results you’ve ever wanted.  

….and more!

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Review:  The Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF - 30” Double Wall Oven - $3,599

As we get excited about this new wall oven lineup from Frigidaire Gallery, let us review the Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF,  a 30-inch wide double-wall oven. This model has a lot to show in terms of features with a 10.6 cu. ft. combined capacity. Talking about the features, it has the most improved and dynamic convection system called Total Convection. As mentioned above, you will have an advanced cooking experience using more cooking options compared to other wall ovens that have convection.  

Save your time by skipping preheating your oven and just putting your food in there– thanks to the No Preheat option. Be healthy and guilt-free using the Air Fry, and keep the flavor and nutrients of your food with air sous vide and slow cooking. Lastly, roast your meats and vegetables with a better result using Steam Roast. Set the desired internal temperature you like and let the built-in temperature probe notify you when your set temperature is reached.

Feature Image - Frigidaire Temperature Probe

With Frigidaire Fit Promise, they guarantee you to get a reimbursement of up to $300 if your unit doesn’t fit well in your old 30” wide double wall oven space. Cleaning an oven will be easier than ever with either Steam Clean or Self Clean, depending on what is convenient for you. This model is available in stainless steel at $3,599 and black stainless steel at $3,699.

If you want a single oven version of this oven, you can check out this Frigidaire Gallery GCWS3067AF. Also, there’s a 27-inch unit available for single and double options. If you prefer fewer cooking options and features than this model, you might want to check the Frigidaire FCWD3027AS double-wall oven, which is also part of Frigidaire’s new wall oven lineup.  


  • Total Convection - Steam Bake, No Preheat, Slow Cook, Air Fry, Steam Roast, Dehydrate, Bread Proof, Air Sous Vide, and more!

  • Frigidaire® Fit Promise 

  • Two cleaning options: Steam Clean for a quick, 30-minute clean; Self Clean, which is available in 2, 3, and 4-hour cycles

  • Premium Touch Screen Control Panel - 4.3 inches, capacitive touch digital control panel

  • Glide Rack

  • Extra-large oven - 10.6 cu. ft. combined capacity!



  • Width: 29.875"

  • Depth: 50.75"

  • Height: 25.187"


Click here to read real customer reviews of this product!


Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF - $3,599

Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF Double Wall Oven


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Having many uses in one is a dream come true for those who spend more time using an oven. It’s enjoyable to try out each option while feeling comfortable and convenient at the same time. Frigidaire remains competitive in innovating their units with more improved options useful for us. We are excited to see how these new units and their features will work. 

We hope you enjoyed our Frigidaire Gallery wall oven review. Please leave us a comment below - We’d love to hear from you!

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