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Where to Buy Speed Queen Washers & Dryers

Posted by Todd Buehler on Jul 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM
Todd Buehler

Where to Buy Speed Queen Washers & Dryers

Wondering where to buy Speed Queen washers and dryers?  Speed Queen is a specialty manufacturer of laundry appliances. They produce the most durable and dependable washers and dryers on the market today.  Unlike many other appliance brands, Speed Queen appliances are not widely available at Big Box retailers and department stores. When you are looking to purchase Speed Queen appliances you have two basic options, online retailers and appliance specialty retailers.  Let's take a look the options and discuss some pros and cons for each.






Online Retailers - Buying major appliances from an online only retailer can be a good option, especially if you know exactly what you want and are focused mostly on price. When considering where to buy Speed Queen appliances, online retailers are worth a look.  Like in any industry, online retailers tend to have some advantages when it comes to pricing over traditional brick and mortar retailers.  They have lower operating costs because they don't have the expenses associated with physical store locations.  There are downsides to this option however. First, you'll most likely need to go to an actual store to view the product unless you are comfortable with buying it sight unseen.  Secondly, delivery is something you'll really want to check into with online retailers.  You'll want to ask how long will the products take to arrive and what kind of truck will they arrive on.  You'll want to consider whether a tractor trailer truck will be practical for your delivery if that will be used by the shipper. You'll want to inquire about whether you'll get a full service delivery or a drop shipment in your driveway and whether the shipper will set up your new appliance and remove your old one if applicable. Perhaps most importantly,  you'll want to consider what will happen if the product comes in damaged or has a service issue.  Ask the retailer how damaged or defective products will be handled. These are questions you'll need to ask. Remember - buying a refrigerator online is a very different transaction from buying a pair of sneakers or a book online.


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Appliance Specialty Retailers - Appliance specialty retailers are generally family owned single or multi location appliance stores that specialize in home appliances.  These stores have many advantages for the appliance consumer.  As specialty retailers, these stores and all of their staff members are focused on just one thing - providing a great customer experience for appliance consumers.  Appliance specialty retailers typically have expert sales staff with vast product knowledge and their own in house delivery and repair staff.  This can make the buying experience more pleasant from selection to delivery and disposal of old appliances to future service or repairs that your appliances may need.  The inevitable bumps in the road that often come up with appliance delivery and installation can often be easily smoothed out by the staff of the local dealer.  The stores generally offer a large selection of brands and models and competitive pricing. Like with anything, there are a few drawbacks. Generally these stores don't have quite as many models on display as home improvement centers or department stores. Also, these stores may not be located in the most convenient shopping centers accessible to highways like some of their competitors. In terms of pricing, their prices are often competitive with larger stores. In cases where they are higher, these retailers have been known to match prices or offer extra services to compete with other retailers to win customer business.  Don't overlook this option when purchasing new Speed Queen or other appliances.


We hope you enjoyed this overview of the options on where to buy Speed Queen appliances. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.  Also, we encourage you to share your comments and experiences below. We'd love to hear from you!





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