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Wine Refrigerator Reviews - 4 Models for Any Budget

Posted by Todd Buehler on May 22, 2019 8:00:00 AM
Todd Buehler

Wine Refrigerator Reviews - Electrolux EI24WC10QS Lifestyle Image

Are you a wine lover looking for an ideal place to store your precious vino? We've compiled a list of wine refrigerator reviews designed to help a wine enthusiast on any budget choose an ideal model of wine refrigerator for their home. Wine refrigerators vary in size, installation options, temperature range settings, number of compartments and, of course, aesthetic appeal. In-depth wine refrigerator reviews can be tough to come by, but we've selected four models at differing price points and with differing feature packages to help you choose the ideal model.

If this is your first time buying a wine center, here are a few things to consider when researching different models:

  • Temperature Zones: Dual zone models allow you to set two different temperatures for two different sections of the wine cooler. This lets you choose the ideal serving temperature for different types of wines. If your only concern is keeping your wines at the ideal long term storage temperature of around 45 to 55 degrees, then you can probably go for a single zone model. Dual zone models are usually more expensive.

  • Built In vs Freestanding: If you want the built-in look, you'll generally have to pay upwards of $1,200. Built-in refrigerators are "front breathing" so they don't require ventilation space on the sides or rear. If you try to install a freestanding model into a built-in space, you'll need a replacement pretty quickly! Frigidaire is a leader in offering built-ins for less if you want the best of both worlds.

  • Temperature Controls: All but one of the models in our wine refrigerator review have digital temperature controls rather than dials. This feature is not hard to come by but can be easy to overlook if you're new to the wine cooler game! We prefer the digital controls over dials since they are more exact and offer precise adjustments for different types of wine.

  • Interior Features: Options like showcase lighting, wooden wine racks, and other features can be more costly, but can be worth it. Make sure to try pulling the shelves in and out when you're looking at different models in-store, preferably loaded with a full wine bottle or two. Shelves that glide nicely are a nice basic feature to look for that will make using your wine cooler more enjoyable!


Now that you know about what to consider when buying a wine refrigerator, let's take a closer look at models from Danby, GE, Frigidaire, and Electrolux. 




1. The Danby DWC114BLSDD - Inexpensive Dual Zone Model - $459

First up on the list is an entry level model from specialty manufacturer Danby. Danby has been around for over 50 years and is a leading refrigeration and specialty appliance company in North America known for their mini fridges, beverage centers, and wine coolers. If you're looking for a freestanding wine refrigerator that won't break the bank, the Danby DWC114BLSDD is a great budget option.

This 38 bottle dual zone wine cooler has a stainless steel finish with a tempered glass door that blocks harmful UV rays. White LED interior lights show off your collection without putting off heat. There is a digital thermostat that you can easily check on through the reversible door. The shelves are black wood trimmed with stainless steel. 

Danby offers quiet operation for limited noise and no vibration. The dual zones allow you to set the perfect serving temperatures for whites and reds from 39.2 to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This inexpensive wine refrigerator comes with an 18 month warranty on parts and labor. Overall, this product offers a lot of bang for the buck at just $459!



  • Width: 19.4"

  • Depth: 24.9"

  • Height: 33.1"


Danby DWC114BLSDD - $459

Danby DWC114BLSDD Wine Refrigerator 



2. The Frigidaire FGWC5233TS - Built-In For Less - $669

The Frigidaire FGWC5233TS is a popular 52 bottle wine refrigerator that can be used in built in or freestanding installations despite retailing at under $700, a rarity among built in wine coolers! This model offers reversible door swing, a tinted glass door framed with stainless steel, LED exhibit lighting, and soft-coat wire wine racks trimmed with wood plus a convertible shelf than can be used to hold 12-oz cans or wine bottles. 

The precision electronic temperature controls allow you set the temperature from 41 to 64 degrees. The integrated touch controls have a premium feeling, and with such a large capacity you'll have plenty of room to store a variety of your favorite wines. This model doesn't have all of the bells and whistles like dual temperature zones, ball bearing rack glides, or multi-level LED lighting, but it will look great in your home and do its job well.

So if you're looking for a cheap built in wine refrigerator, you should definitely check out this Frigidaire model! If you're looking for a dual zone model, Frigidaire offers a freestanding 38 bottle wine cooler, model FFWC3822QS, for just $569.



  • Width: 23.44"

  • Depth: 23.44"

  • Height: 34.25"


Frigidaire FGWC5233TS - $669

Wine Refrigerator Reviews - Frigidaire FGWC5233TS Wine Refrigerator


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3. The GE PCR06WATSS - High-End XL Single Zone Model - $1,599

Looking for a higher-end wine refrigerator? One great option is the GE PCR06WATSS. This single zone wine center can store a whopping 57 bottles on seven interior racks. This ADA compliant model features stainless steel framed reversible door, a tinted glass window, and wine racks framed with beechwood. Display lighting allows you to show off your collection. The "front breathing" design allows you to use it in built-in installations as well as a freestanding unit.

The high-end, modern exterior has a recessed handle for a sleek, integrated look. There are two half-depth and five full-depth wine racks, all of which can fully extend for effortless loading and unloading. It has electromechanical temperature controls, which are a little less sleek than digital controls but still do the trick. These controls won't allow as much precision as digital controls since it's a dial without specific degree labels, only labels for red wine or white wine.

This model has elegant styling, large capacity and flexible installation options, but the controls are pretty basic. If you want to make precision adjustments to your wine refrigerator's temperatures or are looking for a dual zone model, this model may not be for you. However, if you're looking for a large-capacity wine cooler with gorgeous styling inside and out, this model is a great option.



  • Width: 23.75"

  • Depth: 25"

  • Height: 34.25"


Click here to read over 15 real customer reviews of this product!


GE PCR06WATSS - $1,599

GE Profile PCR06WATSS Wine Refrigerator



4. The Electrolux EI24WC10QS - Premium XL Built-In Model - $2,399

Last but not least in our wine refrigerator reviews is the Electrolux EI24WC10QS 45 bottle wine cooler designed for under counter installation for that professional finished look. This sleek stainless steel ADA compliant model has a UV filtered glass door that helps protect your wine's flavors. Inside, you'll find four Luxury Glide ball bearing shelves for effortless loading and unloading and an angled wine display rack at the bottom of the unit, all lit by elegant blue LED display lighting.

The Perfect Set digital temperature controls allow you to set temperatures between 40 and 65 degrees and are located on top of the door so they're easy to access yet also easy to hide for an integrated look. This wine cooler comes with an alarm system that alerts you if there's been a power failure, if the door stays open for longer than five minutes, or if the interior temperature rises above 56 degrees for more than an hour. For people who want to protect their valuable collection, this feature is hard to beat!

Electrolux's Platinum Star Limited Warranty provides three years of coverage on parts and one year on labor. This high-end, thoughtfully designed model is the priciest option in our wine refrigerator reviews at $2,399 but is certainly worth a closer look. Note: This model is designed as right hand door swing, but the sister model EI24WL10QS is designed for a left hand door swing if that better suits your needs.



  • Width: 23.875"

  • Depth: 23.625"

  • Height: 33.75"


Click here to read over 15 real customer reviews of this product!


Electrolux EI24WC10QS - $2,399

Electrolux EI24WC10QS Wine Refrigerator




We hope you enjoyed these wine refrigerator reviews. These are just a few of the available options on the market. If you're looking for more high-end wine refrigerators, check out our Marvel wine cooler reviews! Other great brands to consider include Avanti, KitchenAid, U-Line, and Zephyr. Avanti offers some of the ultra-cheap options under $300 that we didn't touch on here. If you want to spend less than $600, then Frigidaire, Danby, and Summit are all great brands to consider. Zephyr, Marvel, KitchenAid, Electrolux, and others offer many high-end models in the $1,000+ range.

Hopefully this article helped give you some direction in picking your next wine refrigerator. What do you look for in a wine refrigerator? Is this your first time buying one? Leave us a comment below - We'd love to hear from you!


Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in December of 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy as of the publication date noted above.

Topics: Refrigerators, Specialty Refrigeration

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