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LG Appliance Packages - Reviews, Rebates, Deals

Posted by Alex Frank on Dec 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Alex Frank

LG Appliance Packages


With many quality brands in the market today, you have several options to choose from when purchasing new kitchen appliances. While you can certainly mix and match appliances from different companies, there are several benefits to purchasing from the same brand, which we'll outline below.

One brand from overseas to make quite an impact on American markets is LG. They have a full assortment of kitchen and laundry appliances and with their unique and smart styling, they have garnered a large fan base in recent years. We'll discuss LG appliances and the packages available in detail!


Why Buy an Appliance Package From the Same Brand?

When you purchase an appliance package from the same brand, you receive several benefits including rebates for purchasing multiple pieces in addition to a uniform appearance across all the products with the same finish and handles. A congruent aesthetic can really tie a kitchen together. The pricing and rebates offered are especially alluring during national holiday promotional periods, which occur several times per year. For a detailed look into all of the factors that you should consider when purchasing appliance packages, check out our appliance packages guide.



Types of Appliances Offered by LG

LG offers an extensive assortment of major kitchen appliances. The standard package that many consumers opt for is a 4-piece package that includes a refrigerator, range, microwave, and dishwasher. However, depending on the layout of your kitchen, the type of cooking you do, and the aesthetic you’re looking for, there are other options available. For example, in place of a range, you might want a cooktop and double wall oven instead.


Refrigerators: LG offers several types of refrigerators, including french door, side-by sides, top freezer and 4-door styles. They have the largest top-freezer refrigerator on the market which is 24 cubic feet. They also have a unique door-in-door option on some of their refrigerators, coined "Instaview," which has a tinted glass panel that you can knock on to see what’s inside your fridge without letting the cold air out. See LG Refrigerator options here.


Ranges: The company offers several stove options, including front control slide-ins and conventional rear control models. Gas and electric options are available and the line includes a few double-oven options as well. See LG Range options here.


Dishwashers: While washing your dishes by hand can be a calming activity, a lot of time can be saved with a quality dishwasher! LG offers models with or without handles. See LG dishwasher options here.


Microwaves: An over-the-range microwave can serve as both a hood and microwave. If you want to cook a roast in there too, you can opt for a convection microwave option. LG has a few countertop microwave options that are also available. Take a look here.


Wall Ovens:  LG offers both single and double wall oven options, coming with convection capabilities. If you like to cook multiple dishes at once and can fit it in your kitchen, you may want to opt for the double. See wall oven options here.


Cooktops: LG offers several cooktop options available both 30” and 36” sizes, available in both gas and electric. See LG's cooktop options here.


Range Hoods: For consumers who don’t want an over-the-range microwave over their range or cooktop, a range hood might be a suitable option, coming in both 30” and 36” sizes. LG has a pretty limited line of products at the time of this article’s writing with only a couple chimney style hoods available. Consumers often time pick this appliance from other brands since several manufacturers have very limited options when it comes to hoods. See LG range hoods here.


Laundry: While they aren’t kitchen appliances, there are several laundry options offered by LG. These include both front load and top load options and they include some of the highest rated models available. Check out LG laundry here.



When to Buy to Get the Best Price?

The best times to buy LG appliance packages, or packages from any brand, is around holidays. Most manufacturers lower their prices during these promotional periods and/or offer better rebates during these times. There are several industry-wide promotional periods throughout the year, including Black Friday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and President’s Day. Depending on the product, LG’s prices can drop up to 30% or more off regular retail prices for individual products during these sale periods. 

There are additional savings from package rebates that make the deals even better. The rebates offered by LG vary depending on the promotion, but one common offering is up to $400 off a 4-piece kitchen package. Many retailers also offer additional rebates for buying a package from LG, which can often add up to $250 or more for a 4-piece package. There is often an extra $100 rebate offered for purchasing certain laundry pairs.

Here is a sample of the kinds of offers that run on LG appliance packages around major holidays. Click the following link for current rebate offers from LG and other brands and see our website for current promotions.


LG Appliances Packages Sample Offer



Other Considerations 

Color: While LG does offer some products in white or black, their two main color offerings are black stainless steel and stainless steel. Check out our article on black stainless steel appliances to learn about the pros and cons of each! Most products are offered in either of these colors and during promotional periods LG promotes those products far more than white and black items. Rebates often don’t include white or black items either. LG is also dabbling in a matte black finish, which is a darker, less shiny finish than the black stainless. Thus far, this color is only offered in a select few products but it could potentially be extended to include more options in the future if it takes off.


Technology: LG is a leader in making technological innovations across several applications, from smartphones to televisions. They have worked to integrate technology with major appliances as well, particularly with respect to wifi connectivity. Select appliances include SmartThinQ technology, which allows you to utilize an app on your phone to do things such as monitor laundry status, increase ice-maker output, and download custom dishwasher cycles. It’s also compatible with assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Connected homes are becoming increasingly popular so if you’re into that kind of lifestyle, LG might be a great fit for you. Check out our post on LG smart appliances for more info!


LG Appliance Packages_Instaview LG fridge





Whether you are doing a kitchen remodel or it’s just time for an update, LG is definitely a brand worth considering when purchasing new appliances. They typically have great deals during promotional periods and also offer solid package rebates. With a characteristic designer appearance on their products and wifi connectivity, you can be on the cutting-edge of appliance technology with LG. The brand is regularly rated highly by several popular appliance review publications and while there are many brands to choose from, give them a look!

We hope you enjoyed this overview of LG appliance packages. Best of luck on your appliance journey! Please leave us any comments or questions below, we’d love to hear from you!

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